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Lynn Viehl - Nightbound

The third book in the Lords of the Darkyn series, published May 7, 2013.
Genre: paranormal romance
Cover: the green is nice, the guy … not

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Beaumaris of York has many secrets. No human can know that he's an immortal Darkyn assigned to Knight's Realm, the Kyn stronghold disguised as a medieval theme park. And none of his brethren can discover that he's a half-breed, rescued from slavery as a child. Lately Beau has been yearning for action - and he's about to find it with his new mission.
Brilliant archaeologist Dr. Alys Stuart is infamous for her extraordinary theories - especially those concerning the mysterious Knights Templar - and she is unaware that her research is funded by the Kyn coffers. When the Kyn sends a vexingly good-looking man to assist - and protect - her, she doesn't expect the surge of attraction she feels for him.
When a powerful Templar artifact surfaces, Alys and Beau must trust each other enough to stop mankind's greed for immortality from sparking a war between mortals and Kyn that will destroy the world.

High Lord Richard Tremayne is still looking for the Smiths’ jewels. He never stops scheming, and now he has appointed Beaumaris of York to oversee an archeological dig. Beau is sworn to the service of Lady Jayr mac Byrne, Suzeraina of Knights Realm Stronghold in Orlando, Florida. Her Seneschal Aedan mac Byrne is not pleased that Beau is supposed to hunt traitors to the Kyn, renegade tresora in secret, he would prefer a full out battle.

Beau is to protect and aid the archaeologist Dr. Alys Stuart in her quest for the emeralds Richard desperately wants. Alys has the laughed upon theory that the Templars fled to America to escape the French King’s wrath, and that they took some of their biggest treasures with them. Of course Beau cannot tell her that her theories were right, as she would never believe him to be a Knight Templar himself. And now she is hired by Highlord Enterprises for a nighttime dig in Florida. She doesn’t know why they insist she only works at night, but the money is too good to argue. Alys has brought a lot of equipment and some eager young students with her, and she is totally not interested in having a huge man looming behind her, watching over her shoulder while she works. And Beau soon discovers that his Kyn powers don’t work on Alys. But when Richard puts the pressure on, Alys has no choice but to accept him, and she will make use of his great strength to haul equipment when needed.

While the students will sleep in the hotel during the day, the dig cannot stay behind unprotected, and Beau has made a nice sleeping room in the ruins of the old monastery for the both of them. Some of the technology Alys has brought with her astound him, and he is totally surprised that she would share her hot water shower with him, powered by sunlight.
Alys has always been unable to connect with people, more an observer than someone who joins in. She has grown up lonely, and without knowing how to make friends. But strangely enough, she is attracted to Beau, and is not happy that all her young interns are falling over themselves trying to get his attention. They are here to work, as they only have a few weeks to find what they are after.

But they are not the only ones digging near the old monastery and Indian village, even though the property is owned by Highlord. And somehow Alys keeps having nearly fatal accidents. Someone is out there sabotaging her dig, and wants to kill her. And how come Beau can always find her, even when she takes care of disappearing without him noticing? And then there are his strange eating and drinking habits, and his enormous strength…

Alys refuses to give in to her attraction to Beau, until after she finds out the truth about him…

In the meanwhile, back at the Jardin, Suzeraina Jayr is interviewing candidates for the post of her new tresora. And she really likes this Devan Leeds, who lost his master and all his family when the Brethren burned their household in Italy. He is happy to be of service again, and he is very good at his job. Of course, Byrne doesn’t like him or trust him one little bit, and he sets Farlae, the spy master, on his trail to discover the truth about Leeds.
But every time Farlae gets close, something happens to sway him of his course. Which is strange, as leeds is mortal, without any Kyn powers … Farlae’s lover, the fool Rainer, is also not happy with the attention Farlae bestows upon the mortal…

I think someone who reads these three books back to back has more chance to understand the underlying mystery with the emeralds and the Smith who crafted them. His ghost keeps interfering in the lives of his descendants, and he has many. All the tiny threads come together I this third book, and I have to admit, I still have trouble understanding it all.

I liked Alys and her struggles to fit in a normal pattern with people. She really has no people skills whatsoever, but she believes in herself, works hard, and sees a lot. She does not give in to Beau easily, and I liked that in her.
Beau is very curious about this woman who can ignore his Kyn powers, and who keeps ignoring him as a man. She does not see her own beauty at all. He admires her for her work and her sharp intellect, and is ashamed of himself. His shady past, and the fact that he only recently learned how to read and write. He is totally intrigued by all the equipment she has brought with her, and intent on learning how to work with it. Beau is a very honourable man, and I really liked him for not forcing her into his arms. He was patient and waited for her to invite him. Most heroes nowadays just keep pushing, but I guess an immortal warrior learns patience over time.

I enjoyed catching up on Jayn and Byrne and their guests and the intrigue with Devon was fascinating.

NightBound is an action packed story with lots of intrigue and danger. Beau and Alys were totally new to me, and I enjoyed following them around the dig. And I sure would not mind visiting the Knights Realm, a Kyn stronghold masquerading as a medieval themepark. A very clever way to live openly amongst the humans and make money for its upkeep.

I still don’t think this series is as good as the original series, but I liked it enough to continue reading, and hope to get my hands on her totally new and different series soon.

7 stars.

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  1. A lot of times the shoot off series isn't as good, but still good enough. :)

  2. I've read some books in this series. Yeah you know me one that wasn't the first one lol, I should try the others.