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Ellery Adams – Lethal Letters

The sixth book in the Books by the Bay Mystery series, published November 4, 2014.
Genre: cozy mystery
Cover: nice

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Restaurant owner and aspiring novelist Olivia Limoges is busy planning a delicious menu for Oyster Bay's biggest soiree of the spring. But she'll need to serve some justice as well after one resident gets eighty-sixed…
Everyone's got their hands full in Oyster Bay, North Carolina. Aside from two upcoming weddings, there's also the historical society's annual fund-raiser: the Secret Garden Party and Candlelit Ball. Adding to the excitement, Olivia witnesses the discovery of a time capsule in the foundation of a local church. The historical society president hopes to display its contents at their party, but when the items are finally revealed to the public, Olivia notices one of them has vanished.
After a frightening find beneath the pier—the body of Ruthie Holcomb—Olivia is certain there's a connection between the young woman's death and the missing piece from the time capsule. With the help of her fellow Bayside Book Writers, Olivia sets out to uncover some clues and ensure a killer has no reason to celebrate…

Another brilliant mystery by Ellery Adams. I loved every page of it. Olivia is getting married to the Chief, Rawlings, but she is still hesitant about setting a date. Is she doing the right thing? Will their lives match? Rawlings still spends a lot of nights in town in the house his former wife decorated when his job requires it, and Olivia stays in her own beach home with her beloved Poodle Captain Havilland. Her chef Michel is getting married as well, and he is driving everyone crazy as he wants everything to be perfect.
And when Olivia accompanies him to the church, the mystery starts when the renovation team discovers a time capsule hidden in the wall. Why is the pastor suddenly so afraid of its contents? Why does he run out to go get the President of the Historical Society? And why is one of the items missing when the box is displayed?

Does it have something to do with the death of a young woman on the beach? Who is the best and forbidden friend of said President’s daughter? The girl is devastated, and she blames her family. Is there truth in that?

And why is Olivia’s real father suddenly interested in starting some new businesses in town, buying real estate? Does he think she will welcome him in her life after all those years?

Lucky for the Bayside Writers, Harris is back in town, and he inspires them all to start writing again, and he is a big help in researching the case. Perhaps he has a future in the police department instead of a well paid job in the game company...

I did have a little hunch about the reason behind the murders I have to admit. But the real murderer, and another part of the plot eluded me. The murder weapon itself is very gruesome and Ellery, wow, well done! I have never come across something similar.
I really enjoy reading about Olivia and her personal life, her friends and family. She likes taking care of them. Little Bayside sure has its share of eccentric characters; I would love to visit sometime.

I also enjoy the new book that Olivia has started working on. The ending of the book was very romantic, and I loved that part as well. I look forward to the next book already, even though that will take some time as Ellery writes multiple series. But I love them all, so any new book will be treasured.

10 stars.

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