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Robin D. Owens – Heart Fire

Book 13 in the Celta series, published November 4, 2014.
Genre: fantasy/futuristic romance
Cover: nice

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On the planet Celta, accepting a HeartMate can be the greatest challenge in the universe…

Antenn, an architect hired to build a cathedral in Druida City, dares not think of his HeartMate. Even though he yearns for her, he's taken steps to ensure she will be forever unknown to him. After all, how could he, a commoner who grew up in the slums, the brother of a murderer, be worthy of any woman?
Tiana, a priestess, has her own fears about being a HeartMate. She's watched her friends struggle with such a stormy destiny. She's sure her HeartMate has never claimed her due to a terrible scandal involving her Family, and she's set aside hopes for love.
Antenn's gotten the commission of his life. The cathedral will make him famous, but more, it will last for ages and prove to others he can contribute to Celta...if the controversial structure isn't destroyed while being built. Tiana, too, is an integral part of this process, but the villain who wrecked her Family is ready with firebombs. Can they trust each other in dangerous circumstances to succeed...and to love?

Antenn Blackthorn-Moss is a successful architect, but he is still unsecure inside. His brother was the infamous Shade, who murdered and wounded a lot of First Family nobles. Even though he has been adopted by T’Blackthorn, he has not been accepted by everyone, besides his family and circle of friends. But now he has gotten the commission of a lifetime, to build a cathedral for the Intersection of Hope Church. It will be a grand building, outside of Druida on the Varga plateau, and it will stand for centuries. It will make his name once and for all. If it gets build ...

There is a lot of controversy about it. The main religion on Celta is Wicca, and it preaches that all religions are accepted. After all, their ancestors fled ancient Earth and their prosecution. They don’t want the same thing to happen here on Celta. But religious zealots are always around, and one of them is stirring up trouble for the Church and its members.

Tiana Mugwort’s family was driven from their home by a mob lead by the same zealot many years ago, just because her mother is a practioner of this faith. Tiana herself is a First Level Priestess in the “normal” faith, but she loves her mother and respects her faith. She still has a lot of anger inside of her, and this has to be resolved before she can grow in her career. But for now, she is appointed as the liaison between the GreatCircle Temple and the Ministers of the Intersection of Hope Church. If Tiana wants a chance of ever becoming the High Priestess of Celta, she will have to take the assignment. But the High Priestess is also concerned that Tiana has not searched for her HeartMate yet. The bond between HeartMates is very precious to Celtans. Tiana has seen her two best friends struggle with their HeartMates, and doesn’t want the pressure when she is so busy building her career. But Fate cannot be denied or avoided.

Meeting Antenn sets Tiana’s whole life upside down. He challenges her, and he makes her look inside herself closely. There is a lot of anger inside her, anger against the injustice done to her family, which has not been rectified. Of course they have made a good life for themselves in BalmHeal Grove, but her parents are virtually recluses. They have lost their jobs, their estate and their titles. And the man behind it has never been punished for his deeds. With the help of Antenn, Tiana finds the courage to prosecute him, and confront her parents about that faithful night.

Tiana doesn’t have much magic, and the necessary teleportation from the last few days, exhausts her. And so her High Priestess wants her to live more closely at hand, and tells her that she can move into the Turquoise House. For the very first time in her life, Tiana will live apart from her family, and be alone. Well, with her new Fam that is. A new home that she can decorate as she pleases, because BalmHeal Residence never allowed her to change a single thing in his rooms. She won’t be alone for long though, as the attraction between herself and Antenn is not to be denied, especially as they soon recognize each other as HeartMates. They both think they are not ready for that bond just yet, but they are.

Another series I have been in love with for many years now, and book 13 is just another great addition to it. Both main characters have appeared in previous books before, and now they finally meet. The third main character is the Turquoise House, a house that has been becoming a Residence, a sentient home, throughout the series.

There is a lot of personal growth for both main characters, and I enjoyed that. It also does not have the obligatory misunderstanding and having a fight that keeps them apart. They talk to each other, and they are honest about their actions and motives. They work very well together and are equals.

Yes, I did enjoy this book very much. The Celtan religion is a very nice one, and the Nobles all work together in Circles and Rituals to use their Flair to enrich the planet and to accomplish major things. I love all the different Flair the people have. Tiana’s Flair is in creating Rituals, and Antenn is with stone, which is why he is such a great architect. A lot of previous characters appear in this book again, as they are all part of the same society. I enjoy that, a lot. And of course, justice is finally served as well, tying up some loose ends from previous stories. Antenn also confronts his fears of not being accepted by the Nobles and is surprised by how many do show up, and is finally accepting that he is okay with not being like by all.

I do recommend Robin D. Owens books to everyone who loves fantasy romance.

10 stars.

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  1. I'm concerned that the religious aspects of this novel might come off as overly preachy. However, seeing how you're up to date on this series and I'm not, I'll trust your judgement.

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

    1. Well religion is the cornerstone for this story, but it never becomes preachy, and the second religion is actually quite nice, and not something from Earth.

  2. I liked the books I read from her, they were fun but I was disappointed by the last one. Maybe I should try this one if it's so good!

  3. The religion is some kind of Wicca, but it is just a very tiny aspect in the books. It is much more about magic.

  4. Oh dear, another series I've started and I'm not up with. One day. First I'll read her Ghost Layer.