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Anne McCaffrey – Pegasus in Space

The third book in the Pegasus series, published April 2000. So this one is written 10 years after part 2, and 37 years after the first book! No wonder it has a few discrepancies in it. Not really disturbing, but reading them back to back, I noticed. My book cover is much more pretty than this one!

Pegasus in Space

Peter Reidinger was the most brilliant and powerful telepath and telekinetic yet discovered on earth. He was also barely fifteen years old and a paraplegic who "moved” his body through kinesis. When the telepaths of earth suspected a plot to take over Padrugoi, the newly manned spacestation, they realized they needed his unique gifts to foil the insane plans of Barchenka, the space construction manager, but even they didn’t realise how strong were his abilities to “read” the minds of those about him and move heavy loads over vast distances.

As his career progressed, so his talents increased beyond the dreams of those trying to reach out into space. Peter Reidinger was going to be the salvation of man’s exploration of the stars.

And even as he became the most important man on earth, so his friendship with the tiny orphan girl found in the floods of Bangladesh grew and flourished. For Amariyah too had psychic gifts which no-one, at first, could define. But these “special” people were constantly at risk – hated and feared by the avaricious, the evil and the ignorant, whose constant ambition was to destroy Peter Reidinger and those like him.

This third book mostly continues where the second one ended. We see Peter Reidinger growing up, using to control his vast powers, and using them where needed. Many companies are read to offer him a contract when he turns 18, but Peter is almost obsessed with space, and he really wants to work on Padrugai, and help the Space Agency to build the new outposts on the Moon and on Mars. He has such dreams, he wishes to be able to “lift” whole starships to their destiny, shorting their traveltime by many years. Of only he could, and if there were more telekinetics with his abilities …
He has no idea how to explain what he is doing, when he is using gestalt, a generator to amp his psychic powers. And so far, only General Johny Green has accidentally found out for himself.

The bad guys encountered in the second book are being punished with labor for the rest of their lives, but they sure are not idle. They want revenge, and they will use whomever they can to get it. Peter hates being under guard almost all of the time, but it is necessary to keep him safe, even while he is doing his dream work, in space.
Yes, Peter has big and very important dreams, but can he make them come true?
The little Amariyah also comes to live at Dorotea’s, and becomes like a little sister to Peter. She is totally focused on gardening and has a real Talent for that. Something Dorotea enjoyes, as she loves gardening herself. But Amariyah has more Talent than for flowers and plants, as Peter finds out for himself after he has had a severe accident.

I devoured this book, again. I really like the characters Anne McCaffrey has created, the world she has build. And yes, I have dived in The Rowan immediately after finishing this one. No matter how many shiny new books are on my shelves, wanting to be read. I just have to read this series again first. Luckily, re-reading usually is a lot faster than reading a book for the first time. New details catch your attention, which is fun and give more insight in the story.

This book is mostly fast paced, lots of action, but also lots of technical talk, of which I don’t (want to) understand anything. Physics was not my best subject at school. I think this is a book or series you can share with your boyfriend/husband. Only a little dash of romance, and lots of spaceship / spacestation things.

8 stars.

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  1. Share with my bf? Now that would be fun :D

  2. Oh read the first books review and now this one... so I'll just put my comments here...

    Oh I really do need to get some of these books. I just can't believe I never read them. I don't mind tech talk... sometimes you learn something new!

  3. That's when a sci-fi book is well written, when I can dig the book without comprehending the techy talk. I need to add Anne McCaffrey to my author roster. My education is lacking.


  4. Soooo not my genre, but you do make it sound exciting, especially if it's the type that's an easy re-read.

  5. @Blodeuedd: Anne McCaffrey has a lot of male readers.
    @Melissa: if you like some fantasy mixed with your sci-fi, you should check out her Pern series, Dragonriders!
    @Vickie: she has written so many great series, and I love them (almost) all.
    @Missie: I am sure she has written some books you might like as well, but not really any romance.