zaterdag 5 november 2011

Victoria Laurie – Crime Seen

The fifth book in the Psychic Eye Mystery series, published September 2007.

Crime Seen

Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye, is having a hard time getting over a gunshot wound from her last case-especially because she didn't see the shots coming. Out of work and second-guessing her abilities, she tries to get back in the saddle by helping her boyfriend Dutch with some of his FBI cases. And soon enough, her intuition returns-with a vengeance.

Abby has been recovering from almost dying for three months now. All that time she has lived at her boyfriend Dutch’ small house, hiding away from life. Not doing anything psychic at all. She is afraid her powers won’t work as she had no warning at all her own life was in danger. What if that happens in the middle of a session? And to top it off, Dutch’ cat is making her life hell. And Dutch only laughs at that, but Abby is totally serious. The cat wants her out, and she wants to go back to her own place. She has been living out of suitcases for way too long now.
Then her friend Candice calls, that she is moving in with her grandmother, and wants to rent office space with Abby, as she is starting her own PI firm! Abby is glad, that office space has been vacant for too long now, and she can use the money. Candice also convinces her to join her in the gym every morning at 6 a.m. for a workout, to get back into shape. As she will be working as a PI together with Candice, she needs to be able to outrun the bad guys!
Dutch asks her to look at some of his FBI cases for him, as he is totally stalled on them. Abby tries, and gets some clues for him. Accidentally, there is also another case on the desk, something Milo brought over, and Abby sure gets the info on that one! The guy in prison for the murder, did not do it, even though he confessed to it. And now his parole is coming up, and Milo wants him to stay in prison for his full sentence. After all, it was his former partner who was killed. Milo still feels guilty about that, that he wasn’t there to prevent it from happening. So Abby decides to go investigating with Candice on their own, and present Milo and Dutch with the results. They sure won’t be happy with it.

Abby sure gets in some dangerous scrapes in this book! But I liked it, I can so get into Abby’s head at times, we could be sisters (except for the paranormal part of course). Dutch is great in this book, letting her heal in her own pace, but when she asks for his help in toughening up again, he is happy to oblige her. Only he stands behind his cat …
The mystery in this one was partly obvious (to me), and partly a big surprise for me. But Abby and Candice do a lot of good to people who really need it, even when Dutch and Milo are very angry with them, and they even have to spend a night in jail.

And the end of the book, oooo that was so good! The things Dutch does to get Abby back with him. If you are a sucker for romance, you need to read the last chapter.

9 stars.

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  1. So the books are still good, I do like a series that doesn't just get worse and many does do just that