donderdag 10 november 2011

Victoria Laurie – Vision Impossible

The ninth book in the Psychic Eye Mystery series, published July 2011.

Vision Impossible

Abby Cooper's next mission may truly be impossible...
Abby Cooper, the FBI's newest Civilian Profiler, is adding Spy to her resume. The military's digital photography software that captures one's aura- just like Abby can-sits in a drone aircraft that's been stolen. It's a major breach in security as every country's leader can be identified by their aura...
Abby springs into action to stop the criminals before they set their diabolical plan into motion, while making herself a prime target.

Abby and Dutch are drafted by the CIA, the FBI and the military to show their patriotism. A prototype drone has been stolen, which carried new secret technologies. The previous agents send to get it back were killed in a horrible way, and now they need someone with Abby’s abilities to get it back. She knows it Dutch goes on his own, he won’t come back, so she accepts the mission.
But first, a gruelling week of spy training, and meeting with their handler has to be survived. And then, of to Canada posing as an international arms dealer and his bimbo girlfriend of the day. Which is a role not to Abby’s liking, so she quickly converts it to assistant. They need to make contact with some dangerous people, to get to the auction and have a chance to retrieve the new program, or destroy it.

I have to admit it, I did not like this book. Abby is still great, Dutch is still great, the writing style. It is just the story I don’t like. This is no longer a (cozy) sweet mystery series, this really is another spy novel. With a paranormal twist, and some romance. But it is not what the series started out as. I had trouble finishing it. I missed all the secondary characters. And the ending, well, very unbelievable and painful. So no I am going to take a break from reading this author (was the last one in the series for now), and hope the next book will be “normal” PI work again.

8 stars.

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  1. Sorry to hear that it wasn't as good as the first ones :/ I Do not like when things change to much

  2. Awe. Sorry you didn't like this one as much. I felt that way with the last Night Huntress book. I love the characters, but I just didn't like the story. It's kind of frustrating.

  3. Well, even if it wasn't as good, it still sounds as if you enjoyed the characters still. Better than when you come to a screeching halt and the series tuns really ugly. Hopefully the next one will get back on track!