vrijdag 11 november 2011

Christine D’Abo – Double Shot

Book one in the Long Shot series.

Double Shot

Coffee shop owner Sadie Long has been lusting after her good friend Paul Williams for years. So she's more than a little intrigued when he invites her to a business meeting at Mavericks, the sex club where he works. While catering an event at the club is not quite the proposition she was hoping for, her business could use the boost. And she can't resist the chance to work closely with Paul in such a sexually charged atmosphere. Enter the club's hot owner, Josh, and suddenly Sadie's fantasizing about being part of a threesome.
Paul has always wanted Sadie, but never thought she'd see him as anything more than a friend. On the night of the party, he and Josh tempt Sadie to reveal her deepest desire—a desire both men are eager to help fulfil.
Giving in to her sensual side, Sadie enjoys a night of mind-blowing sex. But in the light of day, will she lose Paul as a friend, or gain him as a lover?

Sadie and her brother Ian and sister Paige have bought a coffeeshop two years ago, and it is really hard working. Ian manages the coffee shop part, Sadie handles all the baking and the catering on the side, and Paige is the organizer/bookkeeper, and steps in where necessary. Both Ian and Paige are very easy and outgoing, while Sadie, as the middle child, is happy to take a step back into the shadows. A bit shy.
She and Paul have been friends for over ten years now, ever since her best friend Rachel introduced him as her boyfriend. That relationship didn’t last long, and Rachel is very happy married to some one else. Sadie has also been in lust/love with Paul for all those years, but he never saw her as more than a friend he could talk with, take to the movies his girlfriends didn’t want to see. But now things seem to be different.
Paul invites Sadie to do a big catering gig at the sexclub were he works, called Mavericks.
Paul has finally realized why he doesn’t keep girlfriends for long, and not only because they can’t accept his relationship with Josh (Josh is the owner of the sexclub, and they have been close friends for a long time). He wants Sadie. But she has never given him any encouragement that she wants more. So at Josh’ pushing, he invites her to the club, where he takes the first step. He crowds her, teases her a bit, and wants to know her fantasies.
Which of course makes Sadie think of almost nothing else till they meet again. And that night, he promises to make all her dreams come true, if only she tells them. Josh is also a very hot man, and attracted to her. Sadie never believed herself to be attractive like her sister, but yes, both men do want her, and she wants them! Together!
Some really hot scenes follow.
But when Josh and Sadie tease Paul a bit afterwards, he gets jealous and runs out of the room. Will they be able to patch up their friendship?

This is the first erotica novel that I have read, and I am still not totally comfortable with it. Which makes it difficult to write a review. It is not really all the sex that happens, as that is not all that much or different from most romance books. It is more all the talking and fantasizing about it that happens.

I liked Sadie. She works hard, loves her family, and wants Paul. But she is too shy to approach him, and she really doesn’t want to loose or ruin their friendship. And Paul finally takes the first step to upgrade their relationship from friends to lovers, and perhaps more.
Josh really completes the story, and the three of them are just great together. And hot. There is not much background on any of them, the book is not that long, my ebook is 140 pages, and not all of that is the book.
The bits that make me uncomfortable, well, lets say Sadie’s tastes are not mine, but I did not skip those parts.

I like Christine D’Abo’s writing style. It is fluent, and paints very hot pictures. It sure is erotica, so be prepared for a hot threesome, M/F/M and a little M/M. And lots of talking.
So, why did I read the book as erotica is not really my thing? I won this book on Novel Thoughts book blog, and if I did not want to read the book, I should have let someone else win it. But I wanted to try, so I told the author I wanted it. And yes, I will try some more in the future, but not very often.

8 stars.

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  1. I am with you, I can read them, but not too often.

  2. Count me the third - my first erotica review is coming and I survived but barely. It is not a genre you should indulge in and not my thing.

  3. I understand. I have read erotica where the story is the main part and they were great. I have also read those where it is nothing but smex. I'm not a prude, but I needs me a story! So, sometimes it is hard to find a good erotica. At least you tried it!

  4. I've only read part of one erotica. I just wasn't comfortable with it. An old (religious) librarian had recommended it to me LOL!
    Awesome blog.

  5. I do love my eroticas, but I think I might have problems with this one.

  6. @Blodeuedd and @Anachronist: I like the writing, and it did have the little story of friends to lovers.
    @Melissa: I will keep trying different things, and who knows what I will like. Winning books out of my favourite genres sure makes me read them.
    @Elisabeth: Thank you :)
    @Colette: There is a specific part in this book I have a problem with, but the story itself is nice, and I do like the writing style.