vrijdag 4 november 2011

New additions to my addiction

Two new books just fell on my doormat.

Catherine Coulter - The Valcourt Heiress. It has been years since I have read one of her historicals, though I love her FBI series very much.

And a book I won at RR@H NOvel Thoughts & Book Talk blog: Kate Hewitt - Zoe and the Tormented Tycoon. It is signed, and I will have to read it, or I should have let someone else win this. But according to Stella from Ex Libris, those books are sometimes hidden gems behind the awful title.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Lol, oh they have the worst titles but they are still great fun

  2. LOL Sometimes a great title holds a sad tale... so perhaps the opposite is true? :) Hopefully for you it will be if you decide to read it.