zondag 13 januari 2013

New additions to my addiction

Stapel boeken

The first book that fell on my doormat this year, has been anticipated by me for a very long time:

From Bookdepository:
Alyssa Day – Heart of Atlantis
Amanda Bonilla – Shaedes of Gray
Sara Humphreys – Unleashed
Sara Humphreys – Untouched
Theresa Romain – Season for Temptation
Lynn Viehl – Nightbred
Pamela Palmer – Desire Untamed

Secondhand books:
Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Angel
Kate Locke – God save the Queen
Erin McCarthy – Bled Dry
Erin McCarthy – Bit the Jackpot
Erin McCarthy – High Stakes
Kristen Painter – Bad Blood
Kristen Painter – Blood rights
Kristen Painter – Flesh and Blood
Lisa Plumley – My favorite witch
Justina Robson – Chasing the Dragon
Justina Robson – Going Under
Justina Robson – Keeping it Real
Justina Robson – Selling Out
Ann Aguirre - Kill Box
Ann Aguirre – Aftermath
Ava Gray - Skin Tight
Ava Gray - Skin Game
C.E. Murphy - Urban Shaman Book one: The walker papers
Devon Monk - Magic in the Shadows
Devon Monk - Magic on the Storm
Devon Monk - Magic at the Gate
Devon Monk - Magic in the Blood
Devon Monk - Magic on the Hunt
Diana Pharaoh Francis - Shadow City
Elizabeth Vaughan – Warprize
Elizabeth Vaughan – Warsworn
Elizabeth Vaughan – Warlord
Faith Hunter - Blood Cross
Jennifer Estep - Spider's revenge
Jennifer Estep - Tangled threads
Jennifer Estep - By a Thread
Jennifer Estep - Web of lies
Jennifer Estep – Venom
Jess Battis - Inhuman Resources
Jes Battis - A Flash of Hex
Kelly Gay - The better part of darkness
Linda Robertson - Vicious Circle
Lisa Shearin - Bewitched & Betrayed
Lisa Shearin - The Trouble with Demons
Maria V. Snyder - Spy Glass
Maria V. Snyder - Sea Glass
Maria V. Snyder - Storm Glass

Books I’ve won
I’ve won the Sharla Lovelace blogtour in november, and received a lovely signed red totebag with some swag, and the book:
Barbare Freethy – The way back home

A gift from Sullivan McPig:
Christina Ashcroft – Archangel of Mercy

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12 opmerkingen:

  1. Great haul this week. I may even be a little jealous over all the books you got :-)

  2. Honestly, do you live in the awesome land of the most awesome second hand bookshops? ;)

    1. Lol those books are from 2 different sellers on an internet site, www.marktplaats.nl. I just wish there were secondhand book shops that sold books like these here in Holland.

  3. Reacties
    1. You are welcome to come and visit, and lend some books from my library Sullivan (and Voodoo Bride)

  4. Holy SMOKES. lol That is one hell of a bookload :) I'll second what Blodeuedd said. I wish my used bookstores had that kind of selection.

    1. I'm just lucky lately, when people get an ereader they get rid of their paper books.

  5. AMAZING books this week Aurian! Devon Monk, Jennifer Estep, Amanda Bonilla, Ava Gray...too many! No, never too many ;) Enjoy them.

  6. I love love love Devon Monk it's an amazing series! Erin McCarthy is nice but well not as awesome. And of course Amanda Bonilla is a must read!!! Happy reading!

    1. I'm going to try that Devon Monk series again, and if I do like it this time, I have a whole stack of them. If not, I'll give them away.