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Annie Burrows – An escapade and an engagement

A stand alone novel, published June 19, 2012. Although in my opinion, it is the sequel to Captain Corcoran’s Hoyden Bride
Genre: historical romance
Cover: meh

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Richard, Lord Ledbury, has had his fair share of adventure on warring battlefields, but even this seasoned soldier isn't prepared for the outrageous escapades going on in London's ballrooms!
Lady Jayne Chilcott is under orders to find a husband, and Lord Ledbury has caught her eye. But nothing is simple when courting under the glittering spotlight of the ton. Richard has always risen to any challenge, but Lady Jayne might just be the first to get the better of him.
Let the games begin!

As much as I liked the first book by Annie Burrows I read, Captain Corcoran’s Hoyden Bride, so much did I dislike this one. I could not like either character much. They both constantly jump to the wrong conclusions; don’t dare speak truthfully to the other, so they stay in the dark as well. The story also did not engage me. Jayne Chilcott is a neglected child, and when a man pays attention to her, and tells her he loves her, she does whatever she can to be with him. When her grandfather finds out and sends her to London for the season with a strict chaperone, and orders to find herself a husband he can approve of, she is determined to thwart that. So she refuses to dance at the ton parties. And sees her soldier in secret.
Until he kisses her and it is repugnant to her, she does not want to run away with him! And then Lord Ledbury finds her, is angry with her, rescues her, and she falls in love with him. Because he is nice, and does not rat her out, and pays attention to her. And he falls in love with her as she is so beautiful. But he is a hero and he will make sure she keeps seeing her soldier, as she loves him, but in safe conditions. Or he will have him shipped overseas to be a real soldier in the war, like he was himself until his older brother died and made him the heir. And now Lord Ledbury is also under orders to get married.
He askes Jayne for a favor, to see to it his former nurse and friend dresses well instead of as a harlot. No, she is not his mistress, or he would never have asked her to associate with the woman. This makes Jayne think he is madly in love with her, but doesn’t think he can marry her. And so she becomes friends with Milly, totally inappropriate of course, she was an army follower, and tries to teach her manners on how to be a lady. And brings them together as often as possible, even at the houseparty Lord Ledbury has invited her to.

So, it was one feast of misapprehensions, and wrong actions because Jayne lost her temper or just did not think things through. The only character I did like, was Jaynes chaperone, as she was not as staid as I was led to believe at first. She really did care for Jayne, and was much nicer than she should have been.

I do hope my next Annie Burrows book will be a gem again though. This one just failed to entertain me. Perhaps I am just a bit burned out on historical romances at the moment.

6 stars.

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