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Anthology – Hot Chocolate

An omnibus of novels by Suzanne Forster, Lori Foster, Elda Minger and Fayrene Preston, published February 1, 1999
Genre: contemporary romance
Cover: red

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With delectable stories by USA Today bestselling authors Suzanne Forster and Lori Foster-and national bestselling authors Elda Minger and Fayrene Preston-this popular anthology is sweet, steamy, and very satisfying.

Suzanne Forster – Not Abigail!

Abigail’s handsome boss, Max, wants her to find him a wife! Then a sip of a delectable love potion made Max fall for his lovely assistant. But was his love forever, or fleeting?

Abigail is a personal assistant, and that means she is not only Max’ secretary, she had decorated his penthouse, lays out his clothes for him, and orders his dinner if he isn’t going out. But now he wants her to find him a wife, as he is turning 40 and it is time. Abby has been in love with him since forever, and if he marries, everything will change. With some mighty help from the receptionist, she decides to have at least one night to remember ...

I adored this little story, how Abby came out of her shell and thinking she was drinking a love potion, seduced Max.

Lori Foster – Tangled Sheets

Night after night, bar owner Cole Winston was seduced by prim and proper Sophie Sheridan’s way with hot chocolate ... until her sexy and outrageous twin, Shelly, walked into the bar...

In secret, Cole and Sophie have been lusting after one another for seven months now. And now the bar has a Valentine contest going, it is time for Sophie to get her alter ego out there and go for it. And for Cole ...

This one was sweet, and makes me think how a shy woman can totally have a wilder and bolder side but doesn’t dare to show it to the world. It was fun.

Elda Minger – Buried in her heart

A luxurious bed-and-breakfast hosting a chocolate convention wasn’t the standard business lodgings for Abby and Jack. But one taste of the convention’s delights, and they were tantalized – with each other.

Abby is a lawyer out of necessity, for security and at first giving her siblings structure after their parents died in a plane crash. But secretly, she wants to be a chef, and work in a small restaurant near the ocean. While attending a lawyer seminar in a small town, she gets the chance to join some classes at a chocolate convention in stead, with a hot man by her side who wants nothing more than her in his life forever, and her skills in the kitchen in his new restaurant. But does Abby dare give up her whole life to move to the coast and start a new career?

This one was cute as well, and Abby tried to be responsible and reasonable, but there just was something about Jack, who offered her her dreams on a silver platter she could not resist. I liked to read about their time spend together, it was fun. Nice secondary characters in Abby’s little Chihuahua and a Persian cat they rescued at the beach.

Fayrene Preston - Ecstasy

Brenna’s fudge recipe was a huge hit at her cafe, and tycoon Hayden Garret wanted it – and Brenna. But how far would he go to make them both his own?

I want to taste that fudge! A very fast story, with a tycoon wanting both Brenna and her recipe, and Brenna falling for the sexy guy, but not parting with her recipe.

I enjoyed all four stories a lot, which is very rare for me in an anthology. There is usual one I don’t like at all. They all share some glorious hot chocolate, and insta-lust and insta-love. And while I do love hot chocolate myself, I am really not a fan of the insta-love in these books. They fall in love and ask for marriage in less than a week. I always wonder how those relationship can work out when the couples don’t know all that much about each other. Where will they live, who will have to give up their life for the most part? Those problems are never resolved in contemporary romances that go this fast. And it makes me fall for them a little less. Still, a really nice Valentine read, recommended if you can find a copy.

8 stars.

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