dinsdag 20 januari 2015

New additions to my addiction

Stapel boeken

My second new additions post for 2015. Yes, I know, I have been bad, searching online for secondhand books. But I am very happy with all of them!

From Bookdepository:

Lisa Renee Jones – StrictlySeduction
Lisa Maria Rice – Reckless Night – Hot Secrets
Sabrina Jeffries – Silver Deceptions
Susannah Sandlin – Deadly, Calm and Cold

Secondhand books:
Urban Fantasy:
Philippa Ballantine – Harbinger
Philippa Ballantine – Spectyr
Philippa Ballantine – Wrayth
Jennifer Estep – Heart of Venom
Jennifer Estep – Poison Promise
Jennifer Estep – The Spider
Christina Henry – Black City
Christina Henry – Black Heart
Christina Henry – Black Howl
Christina Henry – Black Lament
Shannon Mayer – Priceless
Devon Monk – Magic for a Price
Devon Monk – Magic on the Line
Devon Monk – Magic without Mercy
Chloe Neill – House Rules
J.D. Robb – Big Jack
J.D. Robb – Thankless in Death
Diana Rowland – Fury of the Demon
Diana Rowland – Secrets of the Demon
Diana Rowland – Sins of the Demon
Diana Rowland – Touch of the Demon
Diana Rowland – Even white trash zombies get the blues
Diana Rowland – How the white trash zombie got her groove back
Diana Rowland – My life as a white trash zombie
Diana Rowland – White trash zombie apocalypse
(OMG Am I really going to read zombie books?!?)
M.J. Scott – Blood Kin
Maria V. Snyder – Touch of Power

Cozy Mysteries:
Victoria Abbott – The Christy Curse
Maggie Barbieri – Murder 101
Frances Brody – A medal for murder
Frances Brody – A woman Unknown
Frances Brody – Death of an avid reader
Frances Brody – Dying in the wool
Frances Brody – Murder in the Afternoon
Frances Brody – Murder on a Summer’s Day
Dorothy Cannoll – Withering Heights
Sheila Connolly – Scandal in Skibbereen
Nancy Fairbanks – Crime Brûlée
Katerina Hall Page – The body in the kelp
Carolyn Hart – Death walked in
B.B. Haywood – Town in a Lobster Stew
Sue Henry – Death Trap
Lee Hollis – Death of a Christmas Caterer
Kate Kingsbury – Ringing in Murder
Laura Lippman – In big trouble
Michele Scott – A vintage murder

Young adult for my stepdaughter:
Lauren Oliver – Delirium
Lauren Oliver – Pandemonium
Lauren Oliver – Requiem

© 2015 Reviews by Aurian

9 opmerkingen:

  1. O the newest Moning? I am not really interested in that series, perhaps when it is finished.

  2. Nice list!
    Reminds me that I should read White Trash Zombie Apocalypse

  3. i think i'm missing 2 book in teh devon monk series i really to go back reading it and see which one i miss. diania rowland i read in french and i like it^
    and of course....susannah sandlin can't go wrong with her^^

  4. Yay Rowland! Those are awesome! Yay Henry, they are cheesy good

  5. wow you took zombies books? I'm impressed. You had a lot of precious there! Many I loved! Happy reading!

    1. Well, if I don't like them, I will just give them away Melliane.