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Recommendations from Peggy for January 2015.

In order to bring some more variety to my blog, I have asked some of my bookish friends to tell about the books they have in the past month, and to give us a recommendation. Today’s post is made by Peggy from Belgium.


I have read 7 novels in the past month, and the 3 books I enjoyed the most are:

1. Stranded with a billionaire – Jessica Clare

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2. Lacybourne manor – Kristen Ashley

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3. Painted faces – L.H. Cosway

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The one I can recommend to all Aurian’s readers is:

Jessica Clare – Stranded with a billionaire

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The Billionaire Boys Club is a secret society of six men who have vowed success - at any cost. Not all of them are old money, but all of them are incredibly wealthy. They're just not always as successful when it comes to love...
Billionaire Logan Hawkings needs a vacation.
He's had a rough time after the death of his father and the betrayal of his fiancée. But with a visit to a recent business acquisition - a private island resort in the Bahamas - he has a chance to mend his broken heart.
When a hurricane blows in, a misplaced passport and a stalled elevator bring Logan together with an unusual woman named Bronte. She's unlike anyone he's ever met - down to earth, incredibly sensual, and even quotes Plato.
She also has no clue that he's rich...
Bronte Dawson, a waitress from the Midwest, is stranded with the hotel's domineering yet sexy manager Logan. What's the harm in a little fling when it's just the two of them, alone in paradise? But after several steamy island nights in Logan's arms, Bronte's ready to give her heart - and her body - to the man in charge.
But she soon discovers there's more to Logan than he's told her...a billion times more. Now, Bronte's caught in a whirlwind affair with one of the world's most powerful men. But can their love endure their differences or will it all just blow over?

I love Jessica Sims her books (I wrote a review about her book ‘Desperately seeking shapeshifter’) so when I found out that she also writes books under the name Jessica Clare (and Jill Myles) too, I was very curious about them. Unlike her paranormal stories that she writes under the name ‘Jessica Sims’, her Jessica Clare books are contemporary romance stories.

‘Stranded with a Billionaire’ is the first book of the ‘Billionaire boys club’ series.
Being a billionaire isn’t always an easy life; ask Logan Hawkings if you don’t believe me. Being very, very rich, successful and handsome can be very exhausting at times. Especially after the death of his father and the betrayal of his fiancée. So when a friend suggests that Logan takes a break from his life in New York and goes to a private island resort in the Bahamas for a business deal, he decides that maybe that would be a good idea. He really needs a break from everything.

Bronte Dawson is a waitress from the Midwest. A ‘normal’ woman, who won a holiday to a private island resort in the Bahamas and she’s very excited about. The only downside is her roommate at the hotel. The holiday was a trip for two people so she asked a colleague from work to come with her but that wasn’t a good idea. Especially when there’s a hurricane coming to the island and her roommate leaves her behind at the hotel. But that’s not her only problem, because of the hurricane there’s a problem with the elevator and now she’s locked inside the elevator with a broody but handsome stranger.

Logan isn’t having a good day, first there’s a hurricane alarm and now he’s stuck in an elevator with a strange woman. A woman who thinks that he’s the manager of the resort.
Logan doesn’t deny it. He doesn’t want her to know who he really is. He likes the idea of being a ‘normal’ man for once in his life.

And so starts an adventure in an abandoned resort with a hurricane on the way. Where they have to work together to find shelter for the bad weather, stay warm and dry and where they have so search for food and drinks. Soon enough Logan falls for Bronte. Her down to earth attitude, her humor and the fact that she likes him even if she thinks he’s just a manager and not a billionaire.

But of course, they can’t stay forever on the island. After a few days they are rescued of the island and that’s when Bronte discovered who Logan really is and she is very mad at Logan for lying to her.

So she leaves him, without leaving him a phone number or address. But Logan doesn’t want to lose her. He wants more. So now Logan must make amends. But that’s not easy for him. He isn’t used to charming women; it’s usually the other way around. But now he has to think of ways to woo a woman like Bronte so she will forgive him his lies. (And I can tell you, he isn’t good at wooing her but it’s really fun to read.)

But getting her back in his life, in his bed is not the biggest obstacle, the real question is, can he keep her there? Because having an affair with one of the most powerful men in the world isn’t an easy thing. His world is totally different then her world but that wouldn’t be so hard if she knew that he loved her but can a man like him, love a woman like her?

Just like many other people, I thought…. billionaires, an island, a man and a woman, this will just be another romance story like so many others but I must confess that I really love this story. Yes, it’s all the above but I really liked Bronte and her quotes of Plato. And there’s Logan, the billionaire and his billionaire friends with their secret club. You want to read more about Logan his friends after reading this book. I’m at the moment reading the second book in this series ‘Beauty and the billionaire’ and this book is about one of Logan’s billionaire friends, Hunter Buchanan. He has ugly scars on his face and body and because of this he’s still a virgin! Do I need to say more?!
If I had to compare this series with another one, it would be with the ‘Eternal bachelors club series’ from Tina Folsom. So, if you looking for a sweet romance story with a happy end, this book is for you.

Aurian: Thanks for the recommendation Peggy! It does sound like a fun book. I like it that they are thrown together like that. I will check it out.

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  1. You have me curious about Claire's books ..thanks for the recs.

  2. I bought Painted faces several months ago - the blurb alone wouldn't have caught me, but the enthusiastic reviews did ! I haven't read it yet, though, but I will.

    1. It was the same for me. I bought it because I really love L.H. Cosway her books (and writing style) and with this book she did it again. I really enjoyed it. I hope you love it too.

  3. Great to hear. I hope you enjoy it just like me ;o)

  4. I'm burnt out on the billionaires trend at the moment, so Jessica Clare's novels will be staying on the back burner for the foreseeable future.

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

  5. Jill Myles! Okay, I need to try some of these books! :)

    1. Hi Melissa, I haven't read her Jill Myles books but I'm sure they will be good too. Have fun with them!

  6. I agree with Peggy, that was a fun book to'snot a bad series overall - very fairytalish but lovely.

    1. Great to hear that you liked them too. They're indeed lovely books.

  7. Good recs, Peggy. I must admit I'm especially interested in "Beauty and the billionaire" as I'm a sucker for B&B stories.

    1. Thanks, Maia! I'm sure that you will love the 'Beauty and the billionaire'.