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Love Letter Convention 2015.

The New Year has arrived, and I am getting into gear to prepare for the fourth Love Letter Convention in Berlin, Germany. My best friend Freya and I have attended all three previous Conventions, and we had a wonderful time each year. And so a long weekend in Berlin has become our yearly vacation.

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This year the event takes place on May 2 and 3, so if you are a booklover and you have some time, why not come and join us? I guarantee you will have a good time, mingling with other booklovers, readers, authors, people who understand your love for or obsession with reading. There are lots of German authors attending of course, as it is a German event, but there are plenty of English language authors attending as well. And as I don’t really speak or read German (just enough to survive), I will be focusing on the International guests.

If I have made you curious, here is a link to the website: here

Both Freya and myself are looking forward to meeting our friends again, booklovers from all over Europe we have met in the previous years, and who have become good friends, even if we see each other only once a year. Of course you have seen 2 of them around my blog before, Peggy from Belgium and Karin from Austria.

To prepare for the event, I will be reading books by the authors who are attending, and of course review them, and do interviews with some of them as well. The responses I have had already, are really sweet and I can’t wait to meet those lovely ladies in real life.

So, to whet your appetite, this is the list of all the English language authors that will be attending, in alphabetical order. Of course the Convention usually keeps adding names until just a few weeks before the event is happening, so more of my favourites might show up in Berlin:

Maya Banks
Tina Folsom
Colleen Gleason / Joss Ware
Thea Harrison
Lisa Renee Jones
Julie Kenner / J. Kenner / J.K. Beck
Beth Kery
Julia London
Erin McCarthy
Shannon McKenna
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Lisa Marie Rice / Elizabeth Jennings
Annie West

Some of those authors have been to Berlin before, and it will be nice to see them again, and others will be visiting for the first time, and hopefully come back another year as well.

You will recognize my #LLC2015 posts, by its banner and the link to the website. I am going to try to become an official #LLC2015 blogger, so wish me luck on that!

Are you attending? Let me know, and perhaps we can meet sometime.

Edited on January 17:
I just read on the LLC site, that Beth Kery had to cancel. I am sorry to read that, and I hope she can attend next year.
Nancy Warren is coming to the convention again, and I really liked talking with her last year, so I am very happy about that!

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14 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh have fun..i know how much you enjoy the convention!

  2. I'm soo looking forward to this. This will be our fourth year. You deserve to be an official blogger, knowing how much you promote this convention. Announcements, interviews, recaps, every year. I love to do them with you, but you do most of the work

  3. How have I missed this? I'm not that far away (Vienna)....but I am not sure if I would be able to make it...

    1. There are other people from Austria coming Amber, it would be awesome to meet you in person and talk cozy mysteries!

    2. I will keep it on my radar! My partners birthday celebrations are usually that weekend...so I doubt it very much but maybe...

    3. Let me know if you do manage to visit Amber, so we can make an appointment! It is so much fun!

  4. Yes, yes!! I'm going again. I'm so looking forward to it, the convention, meeting the writers and of course, seeing all my friends again. I met some great friends through the LLC. I'm so grateful for that! I really hope you become one of the official bloggers, Aurian!

  5. Oh that is an awesome list of ladies. I can't wait to hear about yall's adventures :D

    1. You can count on that Anna! Freya is very good at writing a recap, with pictures.