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Anthology – Seduction by Chocolate

An omnibus of novels by Nina Bangs, Lisa Cach, Thea Devine and Penelope Neri, published August 29, 2008.
Genre: contemporary romance
Cover: delicious. The real book colors are very warm. Who could resist this title and this cover if you are a chocoholic?

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More alluring than Aphrodite, more irresistible than Romeo, the power of this sensuous seductress is renowned. It teases the senses, tempting even the most staid; it inspires wantonness, demanding surrender. Whether savored or devoured, one languishes under its tantalizing spell. To sample is to crave it. To taste it is to yearn for it. Habit-forming, mouth-watering, sinfully decadent, whet their appetites to discover that seduction by chocolate feeds a growing desire and leads to only one conclusion: Nothing is more delectable than love.

Nina Bangs – Sweet Sin

A fun story where Ann has to make a life size chocolate naked men for a bachelorette party. Her partner Matt manipulated her into it, but she will have her revenge by using him as her model.
When they were 17, they had a short fling and sex in the backseat of his car, and that was a disaster. Ann has not forgotten that moment, and neither has Matt, and he wants another go at it. But she won’t give him a chance at all, even now they are working together in the bakery shop.

Yes, I enjoyed this one, it was really sizzling hot attraction between them. And some fun secondary characters as well.

8 stars.

Lisa Cach – Eliza’s Gateau

A story about a young American woman on vacation in Belgium, Europe, by herself. I did not really enjoy this one. She is a dietician, and eats only the healthy stuff because it is good for her. She dresses horribly as well, as she was raised by nuns.
So when a handsome man takes an interest in her, and tries to teach her to enjoy life, and especially the (naughty) chocolate his family’s bakery produces, she doesn’t know how to react.

I did not really like this one, as I could not connect with Eliza on any level, and I could not figure out what the hero saw in her. Neither did he for most of the story, but he felt drawn to her time and again, and showed her around for the few days she was in Bruges.

6 stars.

Thea Devine - Meltdown

This was a great story. Donna and her Jessica are event planners, and they have a reputation for getting things done, and in an amazing way as well. Jessica is really into their new client, but he has only eyes for Donna, and how she enjoys sensuous food stuffs if it has chocolate in it. But Donna doesn’t want to get involved at all, especially not with a client, so he will has to bide his time.

This story really had sparks, and great characters. I liked both Jessica and Donna. They were great friends, and worked really well together. They have build up their own business, and with this new client, a potential politician, they will be even more sought after. It was interested to read about as well, so that was a nice bonus.

8 stars.

Penelope Neri – Seducing Sydnee

Sydnee is a biotechnician send to Costa Rica to help save the cacao trees. She is a very private girl, and not into anything that hints of pleasure. She thinks chocolate is just frivoulous, and not worth her time, she should be creating new vegetables or something like that.
But her professor and her best friend are plotting behind her back, and Ella has even managed to switch her clothes with only sexy and pretty stuff instead of the staid and boring things she is used to buying herself.
Add to that her fear of flying, and she is not of to a good start. Unless you count her encounter at the hotel swimming pool at night with the hot man and their one night stand, so totally not her.

The man in question can’t forget her, and is determined to find her. So when he finally finds out, it is his new employee, he won’t rest until she is back in his arms. For good this time!

This was another fun story, and I was glad that Sydnee finally learned to shed her mother’s stern upbringing and warnings of men and learned about fun and passion and the joys of chocolate.

7 stars.

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I don’t think it is available in print anymore, perhaps you can find it secondhand.

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  1. This sounds like a strong anthology novel and yes chocolate!!

    1. Well, with nothing higher than 8 stars, not as good as it could have been Kimba, but enjoyable enough.

  2. That's a great title! I've read Nina I believe (long while back) but the rest are new to mes.

    1. I do have some of Nina's books but have never read them.

  3. Sounds like a pretty decent anthology! I used to finds new to me authors that way :D Might have to pick up that habit again!

    1. Thanks Lily! I have dozens of anthologies and they will have to be read some day. The bath tub is a great place for them. Just one story before the water is cold.

  4. This sounds like a good anthology! But then, you wouldn't have to ask me too hard to read a book with chocolate in it. LOL

  5. Chocolate! can't go wrong with that.
    They seem like nice little candies. But I prefer the real stuff.

    1. Lol yes me too, especially that delicious one Karin brought with her from Austria.

    2. and the ones Peggy brought from Belgium!