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Linda Lael Miller – Daring Moves

A stand alone, published June 29, 1990.
Genre: contemporary romance
Cover: horrible, but I could not find a picture of my cheese one, with the lace border.

Daring Moves photo n82310_zps0ozvrkfz.jpg

She’d done it before: fallen in love with the wrong man. But life didn’t come with an introduction manual and Amanda Scott knew she’d have to rely on her instincts. Fate placed Jordan Richard right in front of her … and chemistry took it from there. But things began to get complicated when her ex-lover reappeared in his life – with his estranged wife not far behind. Despite her growing passion for Jordan, Amanda found herself repeating past mistakes.
Only by making a daring move could she claim her one chance at happiness.

It has been a long time since I read a Linda Lael Miller story, I used to read her historical romances in Dutch as they were translated.
This story did not do much for me. I did like Amanda, because she had a sense of humor, and was strong enough to break things of with her boyfriend as soon as she found out he was married. And now she is interested in another man, Jordan Richard, whom she met while they were both waiting in line to get a book autographed by the author.
And while Amanda and Jordan hit it off, I did not really like Jordan all that much. He seemed cold and aloof, and he misjudged Amanda a few times without wanting an explanation for her reasonable actions. So they broke up, and Amanda went on with her life, the way she had dreamed of thanks to a bit of help from her parents. Of course they meet again and make up, as that is the way of romance novels. But I still do not like him more in the end.

I have about 50 other books on my shelves by this author, and I sincerely hope I will enjoy those more. I will try out a cowboy book next, but this one was nice and thin and that is why I picked it. With so many books, you might wonder why there is no autobuy author button under this post, but she really is not. I have bought all those books second hand over the years. She has just written so many! And I love to fill boxes to save on postage.

5 stars out of 10.

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  1. Too bad. I hope that cowboy book is more to your liking. :) Happy Friday!

  2. LOL. This is one of the reasons your bookcase is bigger than mine. I can leave a book by an author I like if the premise doesn't appeal to me.
    Doesn't stop me from buying more book than I can read, though ;-)

  3. Whoa that is one seriously bright cover. Goodness. I really love her books. That's a bummer this one didn't work for you :( Hope the rest of them click better!

    1. Any particulier book or series you recommend me to start with Anna?