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Nora Roberts – Hot Ice

A stand alone novel, published August 1, 1987.
Genre: contemporary romance
Cover: this one is much prettier than my purple one

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Whitney MacAllister. Reckless and beautiful, she possesses all the wealth and beauty every woman dreams of. Douglas Lord. His good looks and street smarts have made him a success at his chosen profession – larceny.
She has the cash and the connections.
He has the stolen documents leading to a fabulous hidden fortune.
It is a business proposition, pure and simple.
But the race to find the treasure, from Manhattan to Madagascar, is only part of the game. For their fierce and dangerous attraction to each other soon threatens to overwhelm them – unless their merciless and shadowy rivals kill them first.

Another old Nora Roberts novel, but I really enjoyed this one. No overbearing alpha male who lays down the rules, this was fun seeing them both try to outwit the other. When Whitney MacAllister is almost car jacked, she is thrown in an adventure. And as she was totally bored with her socialite life style, hanging out at all the in-places with the same in-crowd or rich people, this was just what she needed.
Being chased by gun toting criminals who are actually shooting at her expensive Mercedes, an attractive but bleeding man in the car with her, and trying to out drive their followers is just fun for her. But when they follow them to her apartment, and the danger gets heavier, that was perhaps not what she had in mind when she gave Douglas her business proposal. She would not just lend him some money, she would go with him on this treasure hunt, to keep her eye on him.

And if was so great to see him trying to get her money so he could leave her behind, and her preventing it time and again, and especially writing down every little expense they made so he could repay her for it. She is a very smart girl, and I liked her. She is certainly not used to roughing it, but she doesn’t complain about that, and she keeps going.
The mobsters on their trail are relentless as well, killing the people they have met, trying to get back the maps that Douglas stole.
And then there is the history of the treasure they are after themselves, hidden gems from Marie Antoinette, and the French Revolution. That was a bit heartbreaking to read about.

The ending was great, and I just wish this was part of a series instead of a stand alone novel. I would not mind reading more adventures with these two.

It was the right mix of romance, adventure, danger and fun, and I enjoyed every page of it. If you are young, you might think it is a bit outdated as there is no use of today’s technology. I don’t mind that a bit, as I am from that time period, and remember things without all of today’s luxuries and gadgets.

9 stars.

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