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Guestreview: K.F. Germaine - Devious Minds

A stand alone, published April 23, 2015.
Genre: A New Adult Comedy
Cover: I like the blush

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When Sydney Porter transfers to Northern University, she’s ready to put her past behind her. Landing a job on campus as an irreverent radio personality, she uses the anonymity to air all the campus dirty laundry—earning the infamous Sunday Lane more than a few enemies. But her true passion is spinning records, even if Drunk Earl is her biggest fan.
Sydney’s junior year kicks off with the promise to be amazing. Or at least it does until Gray Peters, hotshot quarterback, unexpectedly reenters the scene. His presence threatens to destroy everything she has going, as well as resurrecting a night Sydney never wants to remember or repeat. She’d run away like a coward, but this time she's determined to stay and fight.
A twisted battle of wit and trickery ensues, with one common goal—vengeance. Sydney and Gray set out to make each other miserable. But misery loves company, and soon, walls are destroyed and truths are revealed that could change their future forever.
*** Contains mature situations and language ***

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

‘Devious minds’ is the first book that I read from this writer. I had heard many good things about this book, so I was very curious about it and very glad that I was given the chance to read it.

Sydney Porter loves two things in life. One is music and the second is her brother. But music is definitely first on her list. Her big dream is spinning records, so in her spare time she’s a DJ in a club. It’s not the most fancy club that there is but so long that she can do what she loves Sydney is happy. Another thing that she does in her free time is work on the campus radio show. There she’s known as the infamous Sunday Lane, infamous because nobody loves it that their dirty secrets are talked about on the radio (would you?).

Everything is going just great until one evening she sees someone from her past again. Gray Peters is someone that she would rather forget. But that’s going to be a problem, because Gray is a quarterback at the Nothern University and his coach has giving him the task to take Sydney’s little brother under his wings! And although Sydney wants to totally forget about the one night she spend with Gray. He doesn’t feel the same way. So what starts as a chance meeting soon becomes a great contest, filled with vengeance and humor. A combat between two people who uses every wit and trick they have. But at the end of it, aren’t love and hate the same?
But Gray has done something that he’s not sure that Sydney will ever forgive him for and what really happened that night where Sydney left him?

OMGI think that this is one of those books that you totally love or not. Sydney and Gray really have very bad tricks and dangerous wits in them. I really hope that I don’t do anything to fall on their bad side. You really never know what to expect from those two!! And just when I thought that it would be too much, that they would take it too far, the writer took me on a softer route and I was very happy with that. This book had just the right balance. I’m looking forward to the next book.

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