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Anthology – Witch High

An anthology of stories edited by Denise Little, published October 7, 2008.
Genre: paranormal young adult
Cover: good

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High school is different for everyone. For some, it's a time to shine, and for others, a time to survive. Then there are the students who attend those special schools for the gifted. But what if there was a school that catered to those rarest of students - those who can do magic?
These fourteen tales explore the challenges that students of the magical arts may face in a high school of their very own. If you think chemistry is tough, try alchemy. If you ever fell victim to a school bully, how would you deal with a bully gifted with powerful magic? And if you needed more time to study, what spell could give you all the time you desired?
These are just a few of the magical adventures that will await you when you enter Salem Township Public High School #4 - otherwise known as Witch High...

14 short stories written by: Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Laura Resnick, Phaedra M. Weldon, Pamela Luzier, Christina E. York, Jody Lynn Nye, Sarah Zettel, Debra Dixon, Esther M. Friesner, Bill McCay, Pauline J. Alama, Karen Fox, Sarah A. Hoyt and Diane Duane.
Some big names I know, lots of unknown names, and the editor is new to me as well.

A nice mix of stories, all taking place in the same high school in Salem. Some I loved, some I didn’t like, some were fun, some were sad. The usual mix in an anthology.

Those of my readers who know me, know I have a weakness for witches, so from all the books I took home with me from Berlin, this one was the first I picked out. The cover just kept calling my name. Overall, I really enjoyed this book, but there was not one story in there that made me think: wow, I need to read more books by this author, this is so good/fun/amazing.

Still, it is perfect for in between reading, or only just a story a day.

6 stars.

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