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Recommendations from Peggy for September 2015.

In order to bring some more variety to my blog, I have asked some of my bookish friends to tell about the books they have in the past month, and to give us a recommendation. Today’s post is made by Peggy from Belgium.


I have read 5 novels in the past month, and the 3 books I enjoyed the most are:

1. Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin – Mariana Zapata

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2. Devious minds – KF Germain

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3. Pulled under – Sarah Darlington

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I haven’t read much this last month but the books that I have read were really good. One of my favorite writers, Mariana Zapata had a new book coming out in August and she has kept it a secret from us until the last moment! But that did mean that I didn’t have to wait a long time for the book to be released and that made me very, very happy!

‘Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin’ is a sweet and funny read.

Gaby Barreto her life sucks! Her boyfriend broke up with her, she had to move back home to live with her parents and she still hasn’t found a job yet. So when her twin brother Eli invites her to go on tour with him and his band the ‘Ghost Orchid’ Gaby is easily convinced. It’s not the first time that she went on tour with them, being their merch girl. So she knows what to expect from her idiot brother and his two best friends Mason and Gordo but maybe that’s just what she needs at the moment.

But her brother forgot to mention that they’re not the only band on tour and on that bus. There’s another band (The Cloud Collision) that’s touring with them and their singer Sacha Malykhin is something special! He doesn’t only have a great voice but he also has a fantastic body, tattoos and a friendly personality. A very dangerous combination!

So now Gaby not only has to deal with her crazy brother and his two crazy friends but also with another band on the bus. But that can’t be a problem for her, Gaby’s used to being surrounded by guys her whole life but the question is, is she okay with just being friends with Sacha or does she want more than friendship with him? And what does he want from her? Only friendship? Or does he also feel more for her?

Just like in her other books, Mariana Zapata really takes her time to build the story, the relationship. First, they become friends and then lovers. And I, personally, love that! But if you’re one of those readers who wants to read about sex from the very first page, then I don’t think this is the book for you. Because that’s not the writer her style. She always takes her time to build the relationship and thus the sex scenes.
I really loved the way that Gaby and Sacha went from strangers, to friends, to lovers. And I totally loved the three crazy idiots in this story. Wat more can you ask for in life then 3 loyal friends? Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin is a very sweet story.

For readers who read this story and like it, then you really have to try her first book ‘Lingus’ also. It has the same funny and sweet read about it! And you can find Tristan POV on Mariana Zapata her website.

Till next month.

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Aurian: Thanks for the recommendation Peggy! Has anyone read these books yet? Or anything else by these authors?

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  1. I haven't tried any of these authors before, I'll have to give them a go sometime :)

  2. Oh Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin sounds interesting! I might have to see if I can get a hold of a copy.

  3. Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin’ sounds like fun. I do like the cover of Pulled Under :)

  4. Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin sounds like a fun read. I'll keep it in mind. Since reading the Rock novels by Nalini Singh I discovered I like a musician hero.

  5. Hi Maia, great that you like musicians too. If you want to read more books about musicians, then I can recommend 'The mighty storm' from Samantha Towle. I love that one very much!