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J.R. Ward - Possession

The fifth book in the Fallen Angels series, published October 1, 2013.
Genre: urban fantasy
Cover: pretty

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#1 New York Times bestselling author J.R. Ward explores what really happens when good and evil toy with humanity in her new novel of the Fallen Angels, as the salvation of a doomed soul depends once again on a crossroads....
When Cait Douglass resolves to get over her broken heart, throw off her inhibitions, and start really living, she's unprepared for the two sensual men who cross her path. Torn between them, she doesn't know which to choose - or what kind of dire consequences could follow.
Jim Heron, fallen angel and reluctant savior, is ahead in the war, but he puts everything at risk when he seeks to make a deal with the devil - literally. As yet another soul is unwittingly caught in the battle between him and the demon Devina, his fixation on an innocent trapped in Hell threatens to sidetrack him from his sacred duty....
Can good still prevail if true love makes a savior weak? And will a woman's future be the key, or the curse, for all of humanity? Only time, and hearts, will tell.

I absolutely loved the previous 4 books in this series, they were mesmerizing, filled with action and suspense, and the battle between good and evil. But this fifth book left me utterly cold. It failed to capture my attention for most of the book, and I only kept on reading because I kept hoping for the magic to reappear. A lot of the story focused on Jim and the soul he rescued from Devina, Sissy. And I just don’t care about Sissy at all, or like her, or whatever. Eddie is still in mourning for Adrian, and the only fun part of the book is Dog (which is of course God spelled backwards).

I did sort of like the story line that should have been the focus, of Cait and her choosing between the two men she meets. Two brothers, one good and one very evil. Could her love have redeemed the evil one? I sincerely doubt it, so there was no suspense there either. But the relationship between Cait and the good one consisted mainly of sex in the start, he did not even know her name!

I will read the next book, as it is already on my shelves, but I am not in a big hurry to get to it at this point, not even after all the unsuspected happenings in Heaven.

5 stars out of 10.

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8 opmerkingen:

  1. I have not tried these, doubt I ever will

    1. I am starting to fear that JR Ward is good at starting series, and bad ad continuing them.

  2. That's disappointing. I enjoyed the others as well but haven't read this one yet. That sounds like quite the letdown.

  3. Sorry to hear that you found this book so disappointed, Aurian! I haven't read this series yet. But it's good to know that you liked the first 4 books of this series.

    1. Yes, they are so very different from other series, although her style is the same as the BDB series.

  4. Aw too bad. I still need to start this series. I hope that the rest are much better for you.

    1. Yes, if the next book is not good again, I might call it quits.