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Gini Koch - Plush Life

A stand alone novel, published March 5, 2016.
Genre: romantic suspense
Cover: not sure about that, it doesn't really appeal to me

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Lifelong friends Tom and Meggie must pretend to be married at a New Orleans retreat to land the make-or-break account their small company needs, but when Meggie is kidnapped by her ex-fiance, more than just their business is endangered.

This was a fun book, but also an emotional rollercoaster. Meggie and Tom have been best friends almost all their life, and in love with each other, but neither dared to do something about that, afraid of breaking their friendship if the love wasn't mutual. Meggie has even gone so far as to be engaged to someone else, feeling she should try to move on.
They have started a company together, creating plush animals, and now they are about to land the biggest account of their career. And to do that, they will have to go to a weekend retreat in Louisiana, and pretend to be married. Apparently, only married couples get contracts with this particular company.

Meggie's new ex-fiancĂ© doesn’t take it easy, he intends to marry Meggie this weekend, and if she doesn't want to, he will make her comply to his wishes. After all, he is a doctor, and his best friend is an attorney, who will stop him? They even have a pastor lined up to do the deed…

What follows is a mad race through New Orleans when Meggie does get kidnapped, with friends and foes trying to find her, and with unlikely people aiding Meggie…

I really enjoyed reading this book, even though it made me cry at times for Meggie. Because while there is a lot of humor in this book, and great characters, and hot love scenes, and of course suspense, behind it all is a fear that Meggie has kept hidden since she was 15 years old. Certain that Tom won't be able to love her when the truth comes out, her ex-fiancé has used it against her, and awoken and ignited all her old fears. And so she is not only fighting for her freedom, she is fighting for her sanity and against her inner demons.

I think Gini Koch can write romantic suspense just as well as she writes her Alien series, but I have to admit, this couple does remind me of Jeff and Kitty a lot…

8 stars.

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