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Hamilton Crane - Miss Seeton Cracks the Case

A book in the Miss Seeton series, published April 1, 1991.
Genre: cozy mystery
Cover: nice

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It was the perfect day for a coach tour until a band of thugs blocked the road and robbed the passengers. It's a tough case to solve, but luckily the intrepid Miss Seeton, a retired art teacher, and a passenger on the ill-fated tour, steps in with her sketches of the bandits. But when she returns to her tranquil village, she brings trouble along. Now suspicion, malice and murder are right in her backyard.

I am so happy this third author took the series over, she has totally captured the characters the first author created, and has given me back my reading pleasure.

Two groups of thugs are praying on the citizens of England. One is helping elderly people and their groceries to get home safely, and when offered some refreshment as thank you, they drug them and rob them. Another group is robbing tour busses. And it so happens, "the Nuts" are in one of those, and they are pretty miffed at not being allowed to talk to the press about their experiences, and get their names in the paper.
When people start dying, the cases land in the lap of Inspector Delphick, and again he relies on Miss Seeton and her drawings to find the clues he needs. Or will she solve the case without him again, and will he only be needed to clean up the mess?

Loved it, old but still so good!

8 stars.

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