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Hamilton Crane - Miss Seeton Paints the Town

A book in the Miss Seeton series, published August 1, 1991.
Genre: cozy mystery
Cover: nice, though Miss Seeton would never dress like that.

Miss Seeton paints the town photo n57253_zpshllflqzn.jpg

Miss Seeton's rather unusual drawings for the Best Kept Village Competition may hold vital clues to a recent series of fires. At least, that's what Scotland Yard believes. And when two corpses turn up-and someone sets Miss Seeton's cottage ablaze-the whole town is burning with curiosity. Will Miss Seeton clear the air of smoke-filled suspicion?

Vandalism and arson are the main ingredients in this case, and when the arsonist thinks Miss Seeton is on to him, he decides to make her and her lovely cottage his next target … But no one gets away with that as Miss Seeton has a whole legion of guardian angels to keep her safe, this time in the form of her journalist friend Mel.
Inspector Brinton of Ashford is convinced his Choppers are behind it, and borrows an undercover agent from the next county, exchanging Foxton with him. But not evidence is unveiled, other than the vandalism they are so proud of.

7 stars.

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