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Jayne Castle - Zinnia

The second book in the Curtain: Futuristic World of St. Helen's series, published June 1, 1997.
Genre: fantasy romance
Cover: my book has the little cover, which I prefer, although you all know I like handsome half naked men on my covers!
Re-read for the second time.

Zinnia photo n66019_zpsm04r0qim.jpg Zinnia photo 217EQ8M4ZQL._SL160__zpsufrerb8c.jpg

She's called the "Scarlet Lady"- but only Zinnia Spring would rise above her shocking nickname by dressing defiantly in red. Ever since a false tabloid story ruined her reputation and her interior design business, this headstrong lady has made a living using her psychic abilities - a highly prized skill that sets her apart on the space colony of St. Helen's. But when she's hired by casino owner Nick Chastain, their meeting of the minds - and hearts - has her seeing stars.
Nick Chastain craves what he doesn't have - respectability. He calls on Zinnia's powers to help find his father's journal, and to dig up answers to his own mysterious past. Zinnia doesn't have to be psychic to know what else Nick wants; together they're an explosive combination that may just blow St. Helen's sky-high with intrigue, danger, and a passion that's anything but predictable. But when a ruthless killer crosses their search, Zinnia must risk everything she's got - in a love affair where winner takes all.

I love this series a lot, the unusual setting, the great characters, and of course the psychic powers the inhabitants of St. Helen's possess. But here, two different talents have to work together to be able to use their powers. Zinnia is a powerful prism, and Nick needs her to focus his talent through her. Without a prism, he can only use it for a few seconds. But working together with Zinnia, opens up a whole new world for him.
He has never been tasted, but he knows his talent is off the charts. And lucky for him, so is Zinnia's talent. When at first she accuses him of kidnapping a client of hers, who tried to sell him his father's lost journal, now she accepts that he did not do that. To prevent her from investigating on her own, Nick proposes a partner ship, as he is in a much better position to get information from the underworld he operates in.
Zinnia's family is not happy with her association with Nick, they want her to marry a respectable man, but according to the matchmaking agency, Zinnia is unmatchable. And she is happy about that, having no interest in marriage at all. But when her reputation gets sullied by a sleazy reporter again, and her business that was just recovering nicely, falls down around her, Zinnia is not so sure anymore.
Nick wants respectability. In a society where family is everything, his parents were not married, and his father's family has never accepted him. But now they seem to need his money to save the family firm, and apparently, it is his duty to his family…

Nick wants his father's diary to prove that he was murdered, and did not commit suicide due to the nature of his talent (as is his own), but someone else is after it as well. And that person doesn't shy away from murder ….

A great story, a good lovestory with amazing characters, and a dangerous plot that I liked.

9 stars.

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