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Robin D. Owens - Lost Heart

The first Celta Novella, published April 16, 2016.
Genre: fantasy romance
Cover: does not fit the rest of the series

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Barton Clover, Chief of Security for his large and noble family, is deeply aware of his responsibilities. When two young relatives repudiate the family and later disappear, he's determined to find them and convince them to return. He has no time or inclination for love . . . but his family disapproves of his nothing-but-work life. They decree that he must visit a matchmaker or lose his position. Enata Licorice, a revered librarian, has been doing research in a mysterious records vault . . . and is finding odd blanks in her memory. Lonely, she yearns for a good husband and arranges a matchmaking session of her own. It's love at first sight for Barton and Enata, but both are crucial members of their families. Clans who practice opposite lifestyles. And both families demand the couple's time and attention, causing strife. While trying to resolve their issues, Barton discovers Enata's secret and they must work as a couple to resolve the puzzle that includes Barton's missing relatives -- if they dare. And if they fail, more than their own lives are lost.

Robin D. Owens has finally started self publishing short stories, and this is the first of them. I sure hope there will be many more, as I love everything Celta. Writing that, I had to admit I do have some issues with this novella. For one, the romance is incredibly fast. They are not heart mates, they are matched by Celta's premier matchmaker, T'Willow. Enata has an appointment, T'Willow scans her, and he knows immediately that she will be perfect for Barton Clover. So he calls Baron and his family into his office, to meet Enata. They fall in lust, or love, or whatever, and are married that same evening. That was waaayyyy to fast for me. No discussions of where to live, what they like, nothing personal. Half of the novella is filled with sex scene after sex scene, and I had a few times: enough already, get on with the story!
Because the storyline takes a very unexpected twist. Perhaps if I re-read the other books again, I might pick up on it, but I doubt it. It was a good twist, it was a nice journey, but when they found it, I would have like some more time in that place.

Of course, there are 2 fam animals, one very young kitten for Baron, and an exotic bird for Enata. Those parts are always fun to read about. I do wonder what will happen next with this particular story line.

More Celta books please!

6 stars.

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  1. Nice it worked for you but that cover...the guy looks as if he was asking his lady 'darlin' why your boobs are so small?' ;p

  2. Yea, it is hard not to have insta love in a novella. Just too short. Do like the sound of the animals! :D