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Anita Ensal – A Cup of Joe.

A stand alone novella, published November 17, 2012.
Genre: science fiction romance
Cover: nice

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When Emily smiles at David, the Chosen One, as if he’s a normal person, his sheltered existence plunges into terror and deception, forcing him to see that the world might not be as perfect as he’s always believed. If the choice is between love or perfection, which would you choose?

David is the Chosen One, chosen to be the Father of the Next Generation. He will be mated with a young woman, specially selected for him, and their children will lead their world next. All is well in David’s world, he enjoys his life. Then, one day while wandering the streets, a woman smiles at him. And something is different about that smile, and he decides to follow her. Entering a coffee shop, he has no idea what to do. This is something only the commoners do. But he gets up cup of joe, and sits down at the woman’s table. Of course Emily knows who he is, they all know that. But she teases him, and makes him think of all the things in his world he has taken for granted. The Mother Board and the Master Computer rule his life, and he abides by their decisions and teaching.
But Emily is a dissident, and subtly she changes his perceptive a bit. But she is also afraid of him, and because of him, especially as he keeps following her to Old Park. He is not supposed to be interested in other women, the Mother of the Next Generation is almost old enough for him now and he will be mated soon. He will endanger her, and she has no intention of being eradicated like her parents were. But David does not want to give her up, and he has to be very careful going back to his Tower to keep her safe.

I did enjoy this story. It is not fun as I expected though, and even creepy at times, but it does make you think. I know I am a slave of my computer and don’t want to live without it, but I hope it never will come to be as real as in this story.

7,5 stars.

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8 opmerkingen:

  1. Not sure if this one is for me, but it does sound interesting enough to perhaps give it a try. I would have thought it was more fun, and not creepy, but that might just make it more interesting...

    1. Hi Melissa, I do scare easily, so perhaps it is not creepy at all for you.

  2. I do wonder what happens..how could it end happily?

  3. I know this is Gini Koch and I loved her Kitty Katt series. Probably would like this one!

  4. It's funny I wouldn't have tought it would be like that with such a cover. I don't know if it's for me I confess, I'm difficult with Sci-fi.

    1. Well, it is not sci-fi as in flying through space and robots and mechanics and such.