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Sierra Dean – A low down dirty Shane

The first book in the Misfits & Mayhem series, published December 25, 2012.
Genre: urban fantasy
Cover: cool

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Thick-skinned vampire assassin meets smart-mouthed druid archer. Run, Cupid, run.

Shane Hewitt has been many things - failed husband, supernatural punching bag, and now a bitch to the vampire council of New York City. He thought killing rogue vampires was the hardest thing he'd ever do. Until a hot redhead smashes into him, shouts orders and announces she's saving his life.
The sole female warrior in a family of druids, Siobhan O'Malley knows how to take care of herself and protect the big city from beasties who breach gateways from the fae realm. The last thing she needs is a misguided, leather-clad hottie's help to get the job done.
Except maybe he's exactly what she needs. Siobhan is expected to be a willing, virginal sacrifice on her twenty-fifth birthday. Sex with Shane to stay alive? If he can pull his foot out of his mouth long enough and stop driving her crazy, no problem.
Now if only the bad guys would leave them alone long enough to get the deed done.

Warning: Contains a wee red-headed archer with deadly aim; a leather-jacket-wearing vampire hunter with a habit for saying all the wrong things; and a life-saving ritual that will leave them both panting.

I think the blurb says it all very well, and I don’t want to spoil anything for you. I really liked this short story, and will certainly buy the others when they are available.
When Secret was promoted, someone else needed to do her job of tracking and killing rogue vampires, and Shane Hewitt is it. I did not really learn much about him in the Secret series, so this novella was a nice addition. Secret is only mentioned once or twice and not part of this story, but it is still her world. Nolan appears a few times as secondary character and friend to Shane.
When Siobhan O’Malley knocks into him, she rocks his socks off, revealing things he still did not know about the supernatural world. Sure, there are vampires and werewolves, but Druids, Fae and Trolls? He is perhaps in over his head, but no way is he walking away from Siobhan and the help she needs from him. Of course, getting rid of her virginity is his pleasure, but he won’t stop at that, he will help her when necessary. And together, they sure are a great duo of fighters.

I also liked Siobhan a lot. She is tiny, but strong and resilient, and sassy. She won’t take crap from Shane, or from her father who never appreciated her. He just wants to sacrifice her. So, she put a stop to that particular plan. Having to stay a virgin, made Siobhan always stay on the sidelines, never having a boyfriend or a date. And Shane is really growing on her. Sure he says the wrong things, but he is not squeamish, or afraid of her and what she is fighting. He has her back (and front).

There are no real secondary characters in this short story, just the bad guys and Nolan. But I did not miss them. There is lots of action, a nice sexscene, and a great story. Of course the usual Sierra Dean humor is in there, and that is just how I like my books. Original and easy to read.

If you like the Secret series, you can’t miss this one.

8 stars.

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