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Jessica Andersen – Blood Spells

The fifth book in the Nightkeepers series, published November 2, 2010.
Genre: paranormal romance
Cover: love it!

Blood Spells

Mayan lore and modern science warn that 12/21/2012 could bring a global cataclysm – a threat that is far more real than we imagine. Dark forces stand poised to crush mankind beneath a vicious rule of terror and blood sacrifice. Our only hope rests with a group living in secret among us: modern magic wielders called the Nightkeepers.

Trained from birth to fight with fists and magic, Patience White-Eagle knows that she should focus on the coming war for souls. But she isn’t just a warrior, she’s a wife and mother too, which leaves her loyalties divided between the Nightkeepers and her family.
Brandt White-Eagle broke the rules when he married Patience and fathered their twin sons – and now he’s paying the price. Torn between his magic and his marriage, and separated from his ancestors’ wisdom by a curse he can’t remove, Brandt is fighting to put his life back together.
When an ancient Aztec god kind arises, Patience and Brandt must set aside their problems and team up as a mated warrior pair. But as they race to prevent the Nightkeepers’ enemies from enacting a terrible ritual that could tear apart humanity, the threat turns even more personal, becoming a deadly test of their powers … and their love.

I have loved Patience in the previous books, and her husband Brandt is such a cold fish, putting his duties as a Nightwalker before his wife and kids. Patience really has trouble with the fact that her children are in hiding, and she is not allowed to talk to them, to see them, to hold them. I can totally feel her pain in that, even though I have no children. I really thought she would leave all this Nightwalker stuff behind her, and go to her children.
But she beat the depression, and keeps trying to reach her husband, to start over together and put the Nightwalkers and their battle first.

When this book begins, they are about to do the Triad spell, asking the Gods to grant three of their members the powers and knowledge of their ancestors. Which is very dangerous, and has only been done twice before in history. Some went mad, some died, and only 1 became successful. Patience really doesn’t want to be one of them, nor does she want it for Brandt. It is not easy to live with all your ancestors in your head!
But when the Gods choose Rabbit first, and he fails due to his connection to Iago, they invade Brandt, leaving him in a coma. The other two members of the Triad are Anna and Mendez, which is a big problem for the Nightwalkers. Anna doesn’t want to be a part of them anymore, she wants to live a normal life with her husband, and Mendez is a dangerous criminal and not a part of them either, although he does have the power and physique.
Patience’s Nahwal tells her that Brandt needs to make piece with his ancestors, and acknowledge his debt to the gods. Patience has to help him remember. But she doesn’t know herself. Desperate, as she has no clue what to do, she uses her tarot cards, and gets the same advice over and over. Use a mirror. She asks Lucius if he can find out anything about a mirror spell, and he did find something like that in the Library recently but didn’t think it important at the time.
With the help of the spell, Patience revisits the day they met, a day both of them can’t remember, and it helps bring Brandt out of his coma. The spell ends too soon, she has only seen a small portion of that day and evening. They still don’t know enough, especially when Brandt was locked in a dream loop of when he almost drowned as a teenager, and his two best friends paid the price. So Brandt and Patience decide to go back to the place they first met, and got married. Hoping it will trigger more memories, as time is running out for the Triad spell to work. Anna is in the hospital in a critical condition, and Mendez and his deranged winikin are on the run. They will have to find them, and bring them to Skywatch, fast.

I enjoyed finding out what happened to Brandt and Patience all those years ago, and how Brandt changed into such a cold men after they joined the Nightkeepers. The part were Iago has kidnapped their winikin and children, that was truly frightening. Rabbit and his girlfriend keep growing as characters as well, and I enjoy being a witness to that. I am very curious about Mendez, who tells them that he has mended his wicked ways. Is he for real, or will he make things even more difficult for the others?

I like Patience, she is strong and resilient, and won’t give up on her marriage to be nothing more than a warrior. Still, she is a good warrior, and knows how to fight. In the end, love is the most important thing. Brandt is a very stubborn male, even when he regains his memories, and knows what has to be done, he refuses. Afraid that Patience or one of his children will be taken from him next. Until there is no other choice open for him …

I really do enjoy this series, and look forward to reading the next book soon.

9 stars.

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