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Duffy Brown – Geared for the Grave

The first book in the Cycle Path Mystery series, published December 2, 2014.
Genre: cozy mystery
Cover: cute

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Mackinac Island is a peaceful summer resort town where everyone coasts through the streets on bicycles. But after someone sends a prominent local on her final ride, it's up to one resourceful visitor to get things running again…
Hoping to shift her chances of a promotion in her favor, Evie Bloomfield heads to Mackinac Island to assist her boss's father. Rudy Randolph has broken his leg and operating his bike shop, Rudy's Rides, is too much to handle by himself. But Evie's good turn only leads to more trouble…
After Evie's arrival, wealthy resident Bunny Harrington dies in what looks like a freak bike accident. Upon closer inspection, Bunny's brakes were tampered with, and now the prime suspect in her murder is also Bunny's number one enemy: Rudy. So if Evie hopes to stay on her boss's good side, she'll need to steer Rudy clear of jail. Now she must quickly solve this mystery so she can put the brakes on the real killer's plan…

I adore Duffy Brown’s Consignment Shop series, so when I found out she was writing a new series, I impatiently waited for the book to fall on my doormat. Mackinac Island apparently is a real location in the US, and it sure sounds worth a visit, just for trying out all those different fudge shops. It also sounds like you need a very good condition, as you can only walk, cycle or hire a horse to get around there. And the land is not particularly flat either.

Evie tries to get into her boss’ good graces by taking care of her boss’ father when he has a broken leg. Rudy is not very happy to see her, but she can stay for the night. But when Rudy is accused of murder, it is only Evie’s fast thinking keeping him out of jail.
As he local sheriff is determined he has found the killer, it is up to Evie and her new local friends to find the real killer. Mackinac is a really small community, even if it is overrun with tourists (fudgies) every day, and the gossip spreads fast.
Bunny, the murdered woman, was not well liked, so there are suspects galore, and Evie is not really subtle in trying to find out who had the motive and means.

With the help of Irish Donna and Fiona, who runs the local paper, Evie gets into lots of scrapes, poison ivy being the least of them.

I really had a fun time reading this story. Evie comes from a very successful family of lawyers, and as a grahpic artist, she is the black sheep of the family. Only her grandfather understands her. But Evie is resillient and resourceful, and she is good with her hands. Rudy’s bike ship is really a disgrace, dusty and rusty bikes all over, but she has a good head on her shoulders and manages to turn the place around, and make it a success. And all the while chasing suspects, breaking and entering and getting into trouble with the local sheriff.

The book became even more fun when Evie’s mother showed up. Apparently, her father dumped her in Paris for a younger model, and was not happily painting nudes in a small studio. Her mother morphes into a Carmen and likes to be taken out by Evie’s new friend and retired mobster Angelo.

I did not solve the murder mystery before Evie did, I had my eye on someone completely else. The characters are a hoot and I do admire Evie, who just keeps going on and never feels sorry for herself. She does run head first into dumb situations, without even knowing enough back ground information, but she always manages to get out of them as well.

8 stars.

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  1. Thanks Felicia. Hope you get a chance to visit Mackinac Island…it’s wonderful!

  2. I actually got cozy to read soon for once ;)

  3. You had me at graphic artist being the black sheep! LOL Looks like a cozy I need to add to my wishlist!

  4. I love the setting! Don't think I've read a bicycle cozy before.

    1. Me neither Diana, and the fun thing is, the heroine can't ride a bike!