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Recommendations from Freya for February 2015 and #LLC2015.

In order to bring some more variety to my blog, I have asked some of my bookish friends to tell about the books they have in the past month, and to give us a recommendation. Today’s post is made by Freya from Holland.

Last month I’ve read seven books and three novella’s, mostly in preparation of LLC2015. One of the writers who’s coming again is Annie West. I’ve stated earlier that’s she is the one who made me start to read category romance again. I’ve already read several of her books, this month I’ve read the last three ones on my TBR.

I wanted to read more of her books, I’ve researched her backlist. Because Annie writes for Mills&Boons (Harlequin), this isn’t that easy. M&B sorts their books in series, written by multiple authors. But they have several kinds of series.

One type is about a group of people with a main story and secondary characters that appear in each others books. The books can be read as stand-alone, but you get allusions to the main story arch.
This month I’ve read her book Scandal: His majesty’s love-child. It is part of the Dark-hearted desert men series, which is a spin-off-series of the Royal House of Karedes.
Because I’ve read this one in an anthology I’ve read the other two books, about the other two brothers also. I enriched my reading experience but it wasn’t necessary. You can understand somewhat better why the main character Tahir acts the way he does. And because it’s the last book in the (spin-off) series you see all the main characters from the early books at the end.

Then there are the series that have a theme in common. These are fully stand-alone. For example An enticing debt to pay, in the At his service series. This was my first Annie West book. I loved it. She writes known tropes, this time the revenge plot, but she makes it new again. I could not predict what was going to happen. Also you get the POV from the male protagonist, and that makes the story richer. They’re both thinking and not only acting and they try to get to know the others side of the story. And combined with emotional scenes of sacrifice and heartache, this makes these books such good reads.

And then there are Annie’s own series. She has several books which are connected by family ties. In my list at the bottom of this post I’ve put the title of the series in front of the title of the book. The Hot Italian nights books are e-novella’s. Short and sweet. With the same emotional punch as her longer books.

I’ve met Annie in Berlin last year and found her to be a very nice lady. I’ll be hunting for more books, as I don’t have her backlist before 2013, and keep an eye out for her new books. She has become an autobuy author for me.

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Annie’s books are (in chronological order):
A mistress for the taking (Mistress to a millionaire)
The sheikh’s ransomed bride (Surrender to the Sheikh)
For the sheik’s pleasure (Surrender to the Sheikh)
The Greek tycoons unexpected wife (In the Greek tycoon’s bed)
The desert king’s pregnant bride (Unexpected babies)
The Greek’s convenient mistress
The Savakis mistress (aka The Savakis Merger) (Tall, dark and dangerously sexy)
Forgotten mistress, secret love-child (Regally wed)
Blackmailed bride, innocent wife (aka Blackmailed bride, inexperienced wife) (Innocent wives)
Scandal: His majesty’s love-child (Royal House of Karedes/ Dark-hearted desert men)
Prince 1 - Protected by the prince (aka Passion, purity and the prince) (Weight of the crown)
The billionaire’s bought mistress (aka Rafe’s redemption)
Prince 2 - Prince of scandal (Royal and ruthless)
Girl in the Bedouin tent (Sinful desert nights)
Undone by his touch (Dark-hearted tycoons)
Defying her desert duty
Captive in the spotlight
Imprisoned by a vow
An enticing debt to pay (aka Billionaire’s revenge plot) (At his service)
Hot Italian nights 1 - Back in the Italian’s bed
Damaso claims his heir (One night with consequences)
Rebel’s bargain (The Chatfield)
Hot Italian nights 2 - Bought by the Italian
Desert vows 1- The sultan’s harem bride
2015 (to be published)
Desert vows 2 - The sheikh’s princess bride
The sinner’s marriage redemption (Seven sexy sins)
Seducing his enemy’s daughter.

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Aurian: Thanks for the recommendation Freya! I certainly agree with you, I recently read Damaso claims his heir (review to come soon) and really enjoyed it. How about you, reader of my blog, have you read anything by Annie West?

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  1. Hi Freya, and Aurian. I'm so happy to read that you've been reading and enjoying my stories! That's what every author loves to hear. Smiling here and looking forward to my trip to Germany in May for the Loveletter Convention.

    1. Thanks for visiting Annie! Can't wait to meet you again.

  2. Annie West? Nope, I do not think so :/

  3. I totally agree with you, Freya and thanks for the list!

    1. Catagory romance is like candy and with Annie it's high quality candy like the best bonbons from Belgium. Great when you don't have the time for a big book or a long series. They get me out of reading slumbs again and again!