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Gini Koch – Random Musings from the Funny Girl

A collection of stories, published February 28, 2014.
Genre: non fiction, humor
Cover: cute

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Want to know the untold story of Gini Koch? Did Gini really spend time in the Peace Corps? And did she really get arrested for stalking Nathan Fillion? Is she fluent in any language other than sarcasm? And what's the real reason she's banned from Denny's.
The answer to these and other burning questions are in this book! So what are you waiting for? Buy this book NOW! It's not getting any younger, you know.
Is if fact or fiction? You decide.

I am a big fan of Gini Koch’s books, and in awe of her creativity and originality and I love her sense of humor. So when asked if I wanted to review this book, I jumped at the chance.
It is a collection of short stories about her personal life, her friends and family, her pets, things she did and survived, people she met. It is fun, and I could certainly recognize and identify with some stories.

Some examples:
- stories about the hotel from Hell she stayed in twice!
- a friend who cannot navigate at all
- a friend who is so very accident prone, and who lives in a house that is tilted
- her beloved dogs and their farts
- tax day woos
- some stories she wrote in the earlier years and were published in magazines
- her dating adventures before she married her wonderful husband
- her crush on Tom Cruise and Nathan Fillion and others
- adventures when in New York for Halloween
- and my favourite: how Patricia Briggs pranked her once.

If you are a fan of Gini Koch, this is a must read. The stories are all short and fun and easy to read, so you can take your time and reach one a day, or just binge like I did.

9 stars.

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  1. Dog farts, euwww. I am glad Luci is fart free so far

    1. If you are a fan of Gini Koch's books, you really should read this one someday B.

  2. Oh this sounds like a fun book to keep on your coffee table, in the powder room or a guest sounds hilarious

    1. O yes, it absolutely is Kimba, if you are a fan of her work, it is a must read for sure.

  3. that's one i will have to read for sure as i love her humour and her kitty katt series