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Hampton Charles - Miss Seeton, by appointment

The sixth book in the Miss Seeton series, published April 1, 1990.
Genre: cozy mystery
Cover: bad, I much prefer my Dutch cover.

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Miss Seeton is off to Buckingham Palace to spy on a royal retainer who might be a Russian agent. But one mystery is not enough for the indomitable spinster, and she is determined to investigate a tip about a fabulous jewelry heist in the making. This popular series continues with new titles authorized by the estate of Miss Seeton's creator, Heron Carvic.

The Secret Service think they have found a lot of Russian sleeper spies, and one of them has an important position with the Queen. So before they charge him, or make him disappear, they have to be sure. And Miss Seeton seems to have a knack for drawing the truth about a person, so if they can arrange a meeting between Miss Seeton and Sir Wormelow Tump, perhaps she can make a drawing of him … And so it happens that Miss Seeton gets an invitation for afternoon tea with Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace. Lucky for her, she doesn't have to go alone, as Sir George and Lady Margaret Colveden, her dear friends, have received an invitation as well.
Of course it was not at all necessary, to go to all this trouble, as Miss Seeton has already met Sir Wormelow Tump at an art gallery, where young Nigel has taken her. His parental home has been chosen as the venue for some fashion pictures, with famous Lalique jewellery, and of course he has fallen in love with the model, Marigold. And so he has taken Miss Seeton with him to a showing of the jewellery at a gallery, now knowing she knows the famous photographer from her college days, so Nigel can spend some time with Marigold and Miss Seeton can look at art.

So when Miss Seeton meets Sir Wormelow again at the Queen's garden party, he takes her to his place of work, to show her some of the strange gifts her Majesty has received over the years from foreign dignitaries and diplomatic guests. When they have to depart kind of abrubtly, Miss Seeton does not have the time to put the object she is studying back, so she ends up taking it with her in her purse, determined to give it back to Sir Wormelow as soon as possible.

A few days later, at Rhytham Hall, the fashion shoot is going well, and guests are arriving, who will become fast friends after the adventure of the almost robbery is over …

Another fun story, but it was not as good as the Heron Carvic stories. Hampton Charles has made caricatures out of most characters, making them more stupid and eccentric, and not how they have been written before. Like Sir George, who is a country gentleman, a Justice of the Peace, and lots more, and was very smart in the first books. He is now being portrayed as loud and stupid and ignorant. Talking just like Miss Seeton, explaining herself midsentence and confusing everyone.
I did enjoy the ending though, and this time, Nigel's ladylove is not killed but goes off with another man.

6 stars.

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