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Heron Carvic - Witch Miss Seeton

The third book in the Miss Seeton series, published 1971.
Genre: cozy mystery
Cover: okay.

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Unlikely detective Miss Seeton goes undercover at the request of Scotland Yard to investigate some bewitching shenanigans after a sudden interest in the occult sweeps through Plummergen.

Miss Seeton has come to the conclusion that she needs a job to be able to keep living in her beloved cottage in Plummergen, Kent. And suddenly, she gets two offers. One from the local village school, as a substitute teacher, and one from Scotland Yard, so they have first pick of whatever she is drawing.
Trouble is brewing in Kent, Satanism is on the rise and an abandoned church is defiled with black rituals. And there is a new cult on the rise as well, promising that sinning is fine, and that those who will pay and become a member, will be saved from the coming apocalypse. Infiltration by police officers has failed twice already, so now they want Miss Seeton to act likes she is rich and wants to become a member. The police is sure it is a scam somehow, but they need proof before they can act. It has all happened in Scotland before, but the only one willing to press charges died under suspicious circumstances.

Detective Foxon of the nearby Ashton police force, will keep her safe during her excursions, to both Nuscience, as the old church. Or is it the other way around after all?

It was great seeing Miss Seeton in action in this book, how she stumbled upon clues and evidence, and how she always survives with the help of her umbrella, or what ever item she is carrying. All the while thinking it is all a misunderstanding, as she is a proper lady, and proper ladies don't become entangled in things like this…
Again young Nigel Colveden falls in love, with the wrong person…

8 stars.

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