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Heron Carvic - Miss Seeton Sings

The fourth book in the Miss Seeton series, published 1973.
Genre: cozy mystery
Cover: okay

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Retired art teacher Miss Seeton steps in where Scotland Yard stumbles. Her uncanny knack for getting to the heart of a crime lands her amidst a ruthless gang of European counterfeiters and killers--where a musical password has a very dangerous chorus.

What I haven't told you in my earlier reviews, is that the adventures of Miss Seeton have been raved about in the newspapers, and now many people who don't know her, think she is some kind of super agent of Scotland Yard. So when a Swiss bank has a big problem with counterfeit English money, they demand her presence to solve it, as it involves one of their biggest clients. And the upper brass in England comply with that demand, sending her on a plane to Switzerland … against the express wishes of Inspector Delphick's superior officer, who does know the truth about her.
When Delphick finds out, he is furious. How can he protect her when she has never even been abroad and he is not allowed to go with her? It all starts going wrong at the airport, when Miss Seeton's escort leaves her alone as he is rather flirting with young women than spending time with an old lady. And so, left to her own devices and the care of an Italian lady, Miss Seeton ends up in Genoa, Italy, instead of Geneva, Switzerland … on the trail of an art fraud …

Trying to help her by alerting the local police to her presence, Miss Seeton ends up in jail instead, until they find out their mistake, that she is Scotland Yards famous MissEs. They try to find out what she is in their country for, but as Miss Seeton doesn't have a clue herself, she can't tell them anything either. But she was also recognized on Heathrow airport by the villain of the story, and he wants her out of his way, and quick.
So once in Geneva, her life is in danger, but strangers always seem to come to her rescue in the nick of time… And when she finally meets with the bankmanager, she still hasn't got a clue what to do about it al, but draw pictures of the main players.

And so Miss Seeton manages to retrieve stolen paintings while at a gallery's opening night, find stolen jewellery in a bank safe, and put an end to the counterfeiting … and catch a murderer, all in a few days time … From Italy to Switzerland, and then to Paris, France, where she stars in a show … and she still has no idea what she did.

Lots of action in this book, and I liked the people that Miss Seeton meets. She even manages to pick up a nice wedding present for Sargeant Ranger and Anne Knight while in Paris.

8 stars.

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  1. Reacties
    1. Thanks Sonia, but these books are ancient, not sure you can buy them anymore.

  2. Reacties
    1. Yes, they absulutely are fun. The sad part is, it is multi - author as the first one died. The second author puts the characters over the top and I don't like it as much. The third author is a lot better.

  3. The premise sound very nice and funny. But these are probably not for me. Too many other books to read!