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New books to look forward to for February 2016

This is the list of new releases for the month of February 2016 I am looking forward to, and as I just realized I haven't pre-ordered any of those, I am going shopping as soon as I post this on my blog:

Anne Bishop - Vision in Silver - Others PB
Faith Hunter - Blood in her Veins - Jane Yellowrock
J.D. Robb - Brotherhood in Death - In Death 42 HC
Jennifer Estep - Bitter Bite - Elemental Assassin 14
Joanne Fluke - Wedding Cake Murder - Hannah Swenssen 19 HC
Kalayna Price - Grave Visions - Alex Craft 4
Lucy Arlington - Off the books - Novel Idea Mystery 5
Patricia Briggs - Dead Heat - Alpha and Omega 4 PB
Robin D. Owens - Ghost Talker - Ghost Seer 4
Theresa Romain - A gentleman's game - Romance of the turf 1
Yasmine Galenorn - Darkness Raging - Otherworld 18

I have read a total of 28 books and 1 novella this month, which is truly amazing! I started out the year with some great 10 star reads.

Did I match my reading solutions for last month?

I have read 9 cozy mysteries:
Heather Blake - Ghost of a Potion
8 Miss Seeton mysteries (re-reads)

8 new books longer than 1 year on my shelf:
Jim Butcher - Cursor's Fury
Jim Butcher - Captain's Fury
Jim Butcher - Princep's Fury
Nora Roberts - Time Was
Cecy Robson - Cursed by Destiny
Theresa Romain - Season for Desire
Sharon Lathan - In the arms of Mr. Darcy
Christina Henry - Black Howl

1 historical romance:
Theresa Romain - Season for Desire

2 Nora Roberts books:
Nora Roberts - Time Was
J.D. Robb - Devoted in Death

© 2016 Reviews by Aurian

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  1. Ooo I have to wait for the paperback of Brotherhood in Death, just finished the previous one. I love them very much.

  2. Reacties
    1. February has turned out to be a month filled with re-reading.

  3. Looks like you did great. I still need to start on the Bishop series. Hopefully this year.

    1. O Malissa, I do hope you will love it just as much as I did.

  4. oh look at you go!! I love all the books you are excited all the UF's!! And Nora Roberts is pretty wonderful to read.