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Recommendations from Peggy for February 2016.

In order to bring some more variety to my blog, I have asked some of my bookish friends to tell about the books they have read in the past month, and to give us a recommendation. Today’s post is made by Peggy from Belgium.


I have read 7 novels in the past month, and the 3 books I enjoyed the most are:

1. Sweet fall – Tillie Cole

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2. The billionaire’s obsession – J.S. Scott

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3. Chasing crazy – Kelly Siskind

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This last month I was lucky enough to discover three new writers whose books I really enjoyed. And although the three books were very different from each other, each one of them held my attention from the beginning till the end! I will definitely read more books from these three writers.

I think by now that you all know that I love reading new adult books and Tillie Cole was one of those writers whose books were waiting on my ‘to read’ shelf to get read some day. But this month I finally got around to reading two of her books and now I’m only sorry that I didn’t start reading her books a little bit sooner.

‘Sweet home’ and ‘Sweet fall’ are part of the ‘Sweet home’ series that involve around the University of Alabama where American football is an important part of life. A very important part! The first book ‘Sweet home’ is about Molly, an English student and Romeo, the star quarterback and the second book ‘Sweet fall’ is about their best friends Lexington ‘Lexi’ Hart and Austin Carillo. And I know what you’re thinking when I tell you that Lexi is a cheerleader and that Austin Carillo is a starting Wide Receiver for the Alabama Crimson Tide. But this book is much more that the cliché story! I found it a very emotional story (and for the writer a very personal one too).

Both books held my attention from start till finish. Both were emotional reads and what I liked about them was that although the guy and girl were very different from each other, they were perfect together and that’s something I like very much in my books. I will definitely read the next book of this series very soon!

J.S. Scott is the second new writer that I discovered this month. Her book ‘The billionaire’s obsession’ reminded me of Jessica Clare her billionaire’s series (a series that I love very much). This story is more than a story about another billionaire. I liked Simon and Kara very much. Although Simon has an alpha, dominant side he also has a tender, protective side.
Another book that I read from J.S. Scott is ‘A dangerous bargain’ (about demons) that also tasted for more. You can (at the moment) find one or two books for free if you want to give this writer a try.

Kelly Siskind was the third discovery that I did this month, whose book ‘Chasing crazy’ had me laughing out loud from the very beginning! It’s a really funny book. Nina, the girl in the book, has the misfortune of getting herself in embarrassing situations but luckily for her she meets Sam on her way to New Zealand. ‘Chasing crazy’ is also a story about accepting who you are and that you don’t have to be perfect to find love.

That’s my recommendation for this month.

Until next month.
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Aurian: Thanks for the recommendations Peggy! Three unknown to me authors. How about you reader, have you read any of these books?

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  1. oh what great recommendations!! Sweet Fall sounds so wonderful.

    1. Thanks! I liked it very much. I just bought Sweet hope (the third book of the series)

  2. Oh nice recommendation. I will have to check all these books out. The Sweet series looks very interesting.

  3. J.S. Scott sounded so great I ended buying book one. I usually don't like serials, but it was reasonably prices and the premise sounded like a nice fantasy.