zondag 30 december 2012

New additions to my addiction

Stapel boeken

The last new additions post for this year, and it is not a very long list this time. I am still waiting for my Alyssa Day book, and there are a lot of others still on their way as well. But I behaved, and did not visit the secondhand book pages.

From Bookdepository:
Lucy Arlinghton – Buried in a book
DD Barant – Back from the undead
Kari Lee Townsend – Corpse in the Crystal Ball
Jessica Andersen – Blood Spells
Jessica Andersen – Magic Unchained
Jessica Andersen – Spellfire
Jessica Andersen – Skykeepers
Jessica Andersen – Demonkeepers
Jessica Andersen – Storm Kissed
Jacquelyn Frank – Adam
Jacquelyn Frank – Seduce me in Flames
Jacquelyn Frank – Secuce me in Dreams
Jacquelyn Frank – Stealing Kathryn
Jacquelyn Frank – Rapture
K.A. Stewart – A shot in the dark
J.D. Tyler – Primal Law
Gini Koch – Alien vs Alien

I’ve received some marvellous things from Cecy Robson, about her Weird Girls series, which I won over at Between Dreams and Reality blog, during the blogtour.

Books I’ve won
I recently won two giveaways over at I smell sheep blog:
- Erin Hunter: The fourth apprentice
- Erin Hunter: Fading echoes
- Erin Hunter: Night whispers
- Susan Dennard: Something strange and deadly
- a big bag of swag, which I won at Halloween, so there were some scary things inside! But also some fun and beautiful things, and bookmarks from some authors still on my wishlist.

I also received two autographed books I won over at Preternatura blog:
- Suzanne Johnson – River Road
- Susannah Sandlin – Absolution.
I have been awaiting River Road for a while now, after reading all those great reviews about it, and of course, I did love the first book, Royal Street.

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  1. I love swag :D
    And I really want to read Johnson

  2. What lovely swag, and i love the peeps at I Smell Sheep. Enjoy your haul and Happy New Year! The Sunday Post

  3. I really need to start the Gini Koch series. Absolution is awesome and I'm glad you have the goodies!

    1. I sure wish you would try some of the awesomeness that is Gini Koch :)