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Amanda Usen - Scrumptious

The second book in the Chefs series, published January 1, 2012.
Genre: contemporary romance
Cover: hard to choose between the man or the sweets …

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Tall, dark and delicious.
Joe Rafferty is just as mouth-watering as the food he cooks. But if he thinks he's going to waltz in and take over her kitchen, he's denser than a thick slice of chocolate-ripple cheesecake.
Marly has invested too much of her life in Chameleon to hand off the restaurant to someone else - especially a cocky-as-all-get-out superstar chef. But there's no denying the man knows how to light her fire.
Question is: can she have the sizzle without feeling the burn?

Marly has been working most of her life in Chameleon and she is a wonderful chef. Her friend Olivia is the owner of the restaurant, and a good manager, but she has lousy taste in men. She brought in her new husband to take over as head chef, not realizing how much she hurt Marly with that decision. Marly could not stand to work with him any longer, as he is totally incompetent and just a bad cook, and she chose to take over the bakery part of the restaurant. But now finally Olivia has seen the light, and kicked her cheating husband out of the restaurant and her life. But before Marly can take her rightful place, she has hired an old friend of hers to help her out for a while: Joe Rafferty.
Marly is not inclined to make it easy for him, not when he is taking her job! But someone else is sabotaging the restaurant, and Joe suspects Marly for it. And then there is this sizzling hot attraction between them. But Joe is not the type to stay in one place for very long, and he has a nice new job lined up for him already, while Marly loves Chameleon.

I really enjoyed reading this story. It was fun, and Marly is feisty and easily bored with men, so she has lots of flings. Just like a man is allowed to have. Joe doesn't know how to handle her at all. But Olivia is the really blind one, not to see how capable Marly is, and how much she does in the restaurant, covering for her incompetent husband.
The intrigue about the restaurant was unsuspected, but fun, especially how Marly dealt with it. I will definitely read more from this author.

8 stars.

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