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Louis L'Amour - End of the Drive

A collection of stories, published May 5, 1997.
Genre: western
Cover: nice westerny

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Eight exciting tales, by one of American's most beloved Western writers, chronicles the adventures of the men and women who faced the dangers, challenges, and trials of Westward settlement with courage, strength, and humor.

You probably don't know this, but as a teenager I read a lot of westerns, "boy-books". Karl May, Louis L'Amour and others. So when I came upon this collection, I just had to buy it and find out if I still enjoy these stories. The first story was a bum, but I just tried the next one, and with each story I enjoyed myself more.
Louis L'Amour writes about hardworking men (and women) who don’t have much, but they are honest and they fight for what they have and what they believe in. I especially like his Sackett family stories.

This book has 7 short stories, and 1 long story, about half the book worth, and I loved that one especially. I really wish I could have seen the Wild West through their eyes, they beauty, the emptiness when it was still pristine. Perhaps time to re-watch some Grizzly Adams episodes …

Has anyone of you ever read this author? And no, it is not cowboy romance, although there is some romance in it, it certainly is not romantic. And no lovescenes.

8 stars.

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  1. Hm, the name does not tell me anything

  2. I read Arendsoog and other westerns when I was young. These days I don't read them anymore. They fall in the catagory of "not a romantic era" for me like the American Civil War, Vikings, and Norman Conquest, I usually avoid reading about.

    1. Plenty of romance in the right kind of westerns though. I will lend you some.