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Nora Roberts - Dance to the Piper

The second book in the O'Hurley series, published July 1, 1988.
Genre: contemporary romance
Cover: I prefer my book cover, a view of New York.

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They both knew what would happen…
She moved in perfect harmony to the music that ruled her life both onstage and off. He dealt with ruthless expertise. Music was his business and he was all business, until she lit up the stage…
The attraction was instant and impossible. Because he ruled his empire from glass towers high above the vibrancy of her world. Coming too close was risky business. But she dared to dream - and she had dreams big enough for them both…

I have read this book many years ago in Dutch but did not remember much about it, so it was a true joy to read it again in English. I loved Maddie, she was such a dedicated person, so vibrant, so enjoying all life has to offer. She worked hard to become a Broadway star, and she still works so very hard. She didn't have much time in her life for men, until she met Reed Valentine. He owns a record company, and for the first time, they are backing a play, and so he had come to the theater for some business meetings.
Reed doesn't believe in love, or marriage, and he knows he will only hurt her, but he can't stay away from her either. Sure he admires her, and he wants and desires her, but love? He is just not interested in the long term. Marriage is just a contract, and a divorce is another contract to break it. So why bother? Besides, she is an actress, and a very good one, how would he know if she was acting around him or not?
As a dancer, Maddie is used to pain and working around it, but heartache is a very different pain.

Another golden oldie by Nora Roberts, and I hope to dig up book 3 soon.

7 stars.

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