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Wendy Wax - Leave it to Cleavage

A stand alone novel, published August 3, 2004.
Genre: contemporary romance
Cover: fun

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Is true love and the perfect bra too much for a woman to ask?
Miranda Smith was searching for a stamp when she discovered how good her ex-football player husband looked in ladies' lingerie. Even worse, she found out her two-timing, cross-dressing "ladies" man had run off, leaving her and her family's hundred-year-old bra business teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.
It's up to Miranda to keep everything under wraps until she can rescue the company. But when Blake Summers, the town's all-too-attractive police chief, starts asking questions, it's going to be all she can do to stay in the underwear business while everything about Blake is charming her out of hers. Something's got give, and Miranda is determined it won't be her - no matter how hot the temptation is to bare it all …

After being abandoned by her cheating husband, it was hard for Miranda to just get out of bed. Even though she has a business degree just like her husband, she never did anything with it, but instead played the perfect wife. But someone has to run the company, and it is her legacy and heritage. And when she found out his fraudulent activities, she had to do her best to keep them hidden from the auditors who where scheduled to arrive in a few weeks. Her employees can't find out that her husband is not on an extensive business trip to China, but has left for good. Especially not his mistress in accounting!
Lucky for Miranda, his secretary is very good at her job, and she helps out with whatever she needs. Still, her mother also wants Miranda to fulfill her social obligations, and so Miranda has a lot to juggle. With almost no money to pay for her monthly bills, she has to made some tough decisions, but she certainly can handle it all.

Hiring a private detective to find her soon to be ex-husband, a divorce attorney and keeping out of sight of the local police chief, taking care of the factory and its future is exhausting, as she is still dealing with grief and anger as well. But she manages and I admire her for that. Of course there is a lot of humor in there as well, to keep it light.
I do have to confess, the police chief, hot as he might be, did get on my nerves with the way he treats Miranda, following her around, when there is no evidence of foul play at all. And when she did not jump into a relationship with him I liked her even more. After all, she was still married to the scumbag. I understood she needed to focus on her business.

It sure has its fun parts, but it was good to see Miranda take over and take control of her own life.

8 stars.

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  1. I agree! This sounds like fun! It has to have humor in it if you are trying to either build or find the perfect bra... ;) LOL

  2. Hi...found you through Felicia 30 days of Thanksgiving as she featured you. :) She said you liked Cozies and so do I. After looking at your blog I decided to follow you via email. So just wanted to stop in and say hi. :) This book also sounds fun.

    1. Hi Stormi, welcome to my blog, and thanks for commenting! I do read cozies, and lots of other genres as well.

  3. It's always good to read about women taking control of their lives. Put that in the mix with some fun moments and you have a nice read.

  4. Yes, I did love the growth as well Felicia.