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Nora Roberts - Born in Shame

The third book in the Concannon Sisters Trilogy series, published January 1, 1996.
Genre: contemporary romance
Cover: I can see the story taking place there.

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A talented graphic artist, Shannon Bodine's life revolved around her job at a prestigious New York advertising agency. But her world was turned upside down when she learned the identity of her real father: Thomas Concannon. Respecting her late mother's last wish, Shannon reluctantly travelled to County Clare. There, her loneliness and shame melted away in the embrace of the family she never knew existed. And amid the lush Irish landscape steeped in mysticism and legend, she discovered the possibility of a love that was meant to be...

Shannon's life is turned upside down, when her mother tells her just before she dies, that the father who so lovingly raised her was not her real father, but an Irish man she met while on vacation in Ireland. How can that be? She even looks like her father! And when a private investigator contacts her, that she has two half sisters in Ireland, and they want to meet her, she doesn't know what to do.
But after taking care of her mother's estate, so close after that of her father's, she can't settle in New York anymore. And so she takes a leave of absence, from both her work and her boyfriend, and leaves for Ireland, to find out about her roots and the family she never knew she had. Her parents travelled a lot, she never had contact with her mother's family, and her father's parents died shortly after he married. So Shannon has been lonely a lot, and has thrown everything into her work. And she is good at it.

Arriving in Ireland, she doesn't know what to expect. Of course Brianna takes her in her home and her heart instantly, but Maggie is more suspicious and keeps her distance.

But their neighbour, Murphy, is flabbergasted when he lays eyes on Shannon. Here is the woman he has been dreaming of his entire life, the woman he has been waiting for. How can she not feel the connection between them?
Shannon starts roaming the land, and even starts painting again. A love she gave up for her job, as she did not think herself talented enough to make a living of her art. But as soon as Rogan (Maggie's husband) sees some of her work, he signs her up to his gallery, even before she knows what is happening.
In the meanwhile, Murphy keeps courting Shannon, but Shannon does not intend to stay in Ireland, her life is in New York, and she will return there. She tells him that, but he just doesn't believe her. How can she give up what is growing between them? Doesn't she feel that they were meant to be? Doesn't she have the same visions he is having, in the Circle?

Yes, a lovely and emotional story, and I do love all the main characters (well, except for their mother of course, she choose to become bitter and resent her husband instead of making the best out of things).
I will certainly read this series again someday. It is so vivid, I can imagine being in Ireland with them, and going to the pub to celebrate things.

10 stars.

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  1. You can't love them all Felicia, but our tastes do match with other authors and genres :)

  2. Every time you review her, it makes me think of those on the shelf I have yet to get to. So need to start reading this author.

  3. It has been a few years since I read this Aurian you reminded me how much I truly enjoyed it.

    1. I have read these books in Dutch many years ago Kimba, re-reading did not make me like them less :)

  4. I actually haven't read much (if any) Nora Roberts, Aurian. Maybe I'll have to remedy that? Your review made an impact on my want!
    Have a fantastic week, fellow European.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. Hi Lexxie, welcome to my blog! And thanks for commenting. Felicia doesn't really like her books, so I am not sure you will. But I do sincerely love them.

  5. This series of books are my second best Irish series by La Nora (after the Gallagers' series). They are Nora at the top of her game, the reason why she's an autobuy author for me.