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Nora Roberts - Born in Ice

The second book in the Concannon Sisters Trilogy series, published August 1, 1995.
Genre: contemporary romance
Cover: another lovely view.

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Nora Roberts, the bestselling author of Hidden Riches and Born In Fire, continues the romantic Irish saga--the story of the Concannon sisters, three modern women bound by the timeless spirit of their land.
When the harsh storms of winter descended upon western Ireland, the locals stayed indoors--and visitors stayed away. Brianna Concannon's bed-and-breakfast became a cold and empty place. But that was fine with Brianna. She enjoyed the peace and quiet, even when the icy winds howled at her window. But this year she's expecting an unusual guest--mystery writer Grayson Thane from America. A restless wanderer with a painful past, he plans to spend the cold winter alone. But sometimes fate has a plan of its own. Sometimes a fire can be born in ice...

The second book in the trilogy has very different characters, but is just as good and emotional. Thanks to Maggie's success, their mother has moved out of the house, and Brianna has the house to herself, when there are no guests in her bed and breakfast. She loves having guests, she is an amazing cook, and she loves gardening. Her guests always feel welcome. But now it is winter, and there will only be one guest for a few months, Grayson Thane, a mystery writer. But he won't arrive for a few more days, so she will indulge herself and have a luxurious bath in the best suite of the house, and sleep in the largest bedroom. And perhaps read some of his latest book, while outside the storm is raging…
And then in the middle of the night, her guest arrives, a few days early, and she is wearing her nightgown and sleeping in his bed! But she does have her huge Irish dog with her for protection, so she is not afraid. But Grayson is totally struck with her beauty and he wants her. But he soon finds out that Brianna is not a woman for a loose relationship or a fling. She has never had a serious relationship after her fiancĂ© left her to go to America unexpectedly. Never did she find out what happened back than, but her sister Maggie and their best friend and neighbour Murphy know… And they have kept it from her all those years, to protect her from more pain.

Brianna has deep roots in Clare county, her house and her garden, while Graydon is a wanderer. He goes there where his mood brings him, writes a book, and moves on with his life. He doesn't own much more than fits his suitcases, although he has a house in New York for when he has meetings with his editor and publishing house. He likes it that way.

So falling for Brianna was certainly not in his plans, but he likes spending time with her, and more as friends than as a guest. Sure, he goes out exploring, but he also goes with Brianna on her errands and into the local pub, where a good storyteller is always welcome.

A good lovestory, and Brianna is such a strong woman. She knows her mother never loved her, and has taken advantage of her since she was little, but now she is finally free to live her own life. She still looks after her mother, when she calls, but she doesn't visit daily, and her mother has Lottie now to take care of her and do her shopping for her and such. Lottie seems to be amused by her mother's constant complaining, and even seems to have a good influence on her.
She likes Grayson, and she is attracted to him, but she certainly won't sleep with him just because he asks her too. She will have to be in love for that. And it is certainly time she thought about her own wants and desires. And yes, she does know that he will leave again, and her memories will have to be enough.
And then, there is their third sister, one they never knew about. Will Shannon contact them if the private detective ever finds her?

I do recommend this series.

10 stars.

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