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Freya looks back at 2015, and shares her goals for 2016.

In order to bring some more variety to my blog, I have asked some of my bookish friends to tell about the books they have in the past month, and to give us a recommendation, or share other bookrelated stuff. Today’s post is made by Freya from Holland.


My first post for this year is a looking back post. I used to do it on my own blog, but since I stopped blogging there, Aurian lets me use her blog for this post.


I’ve read 63 novels and 31 novellas last year, a total of 94 stories. Compared to earlier years that’s not bad, but it’s still not the 100 stories I set out to read. I didn’t make a last sprint in my Christmas vacation because of a sudden Dr. Who addiction.
The 100 will also be a target for this year. I hope I will reach that. I have to eliminate some distractions, but that should be possible. And there are very good books coming out, this year.


2016 saw my library growing with 418 books. Most came from Berlin. Aurian and I were at the Loveletter Convention. I got books from Annie West and Shannon McKenna. Also there were books donated by Kris, from the organization. After the convention Aurian got in contact with Kris and organized the “Great Book Haul of 2015”. I took 323 books from that pile of books Kris (and Aurian) didn’t want. The other 65 books were bought at The Book Depository (34), Second-hand (24) and at a bookfair (7). The seven books I was given and the book I won completes the list. Next to that I also bought 25 digital books, mostly at Amazon.


I spent about €525,- on these books. This is much less than other years (2013 € 900; 2014- € 720,-) and an average of €1.25 per book.
Unfortunately the price of BD books is getting higher and higher these years.


The books I loved the most were:
- Andrews, Ilona - Sweep in peace
- Bishop, Anne - Vision in silver
- Brockway, Connie - All through the night (reread)
- Draven, Grace - Radiance
- Harrison, Thea - Midnight's kiss
- Kennedy, Jeffe - The Talon of the hawk
- Robb, J.D. - Naked in death (reread)
- Singh, Nalini - Archangel's enigma
- Singh, Nalini - Rock hard
- West, Annie - The sultan's harem bride


My resolutions for this year are:
1. Read at least 100 stories
2. Finish the series I started, especially these:
- Cherry Adair – T-FLAC
- Lara Adrian – Midnight Breed
- Maya Banks – Kelly Group International
- Meljean Brook – Guardians
- Jayne Castle – Guinevere Jones
- Kresley Cole – Immortals after dark
- Alyssa Day – Warriors of Poiseidon
- Suzanne Enoch – Samantha Jellicoe
- Christine Feehan – Ghostwalkers and/or Sisters of the heart
- Angela Knight – Mageverse
- Gini Koch – Kitty Katt
- Lynn Kurland – MacLeod / Piaget
- Marjorie M. Liu – D&S
- Shannon McKenna – McCloud
- Karen Marie Moning – Highland
- Robin D. Owen – Celta
- Lynn Viehl – Darkyn/Kyndred
- Eileen Wilks - Lupi

3. Start reading these series
- Ilona Andrews – Kate Daniels and/or Edge
- Jennifer Ashley – Shifters unbound
- Mary Balogh – Survivor’s club
- Kirsten Callihan – Darkest London
- Anna Campbell – Sons of Sin
- Loretta Chase – Dressmakers
- Kim Harrison – the Hollows
- Karen Hawkins – MacLean Curse
- Larissa Ione – Demonica
- Alexandra Ivy – Guardians of Eternity
- Eloisa James – Dutchess
- Lisa Kleypas – Wallflower
- Elisabeth Lowell – Donovans
- Susan Mallery – Buchanan
- Alexis Morgan – Paladins of Darkness
- Mary Jo Putney – Lost Lords
- Nora Roberts – Night Tales; Stars of Mithra; Circle
- Gena Showalter – Lords of the Underworld
- Linnea Sinclair - Ghost
- Christina Skye – Draycott
- multi author – Royal house of Shadows

If I can do 2 and 3, I’ll get to realize 1. So hoping for a great year for reading and buying books!

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Aurian: Thanks for this summary Freya! I sure hope you will indeed read some of the great series you have already started years ago, as I know you will love those books.
But to tease you, I can tell my readers, that unless you shake your fascination for/addiction to anything David Tennant, you won't make it ;)

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  1. Reacties
    1. Yes, I find myself not clicking the buy button as often these days.

    2. neither do I. But at least I've got a lot of books ready to read for me. Nowadays I only buy autobuys.

  2. Reading should be free around the world! :) Looks like a great list for 2016!

    1. Lol no, but authors should be paid more for their hard and entertaining work.

    2. Not free, but affordable. I want authors to have enough income to have the time to write and come to conventions like LLC in Berlin! ;-)

  3. Hi Freya, I love your post ;o) I didn't reach my reading goal either last year and just like you I want to finish some series that I started a few years back or at least read a few books of those series this year. I wish you a lot of fun in 2016 with all those wonderful books.

    1. I hope you reach your goals too Peggy!

    2. I'm still in my Doctor Who/David Tennant craze, but now and then I find time to read. Not as much as before, but it's getting better.