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Cate Tiernan - Night's Child

Book 15 in the Wicca : Sweep series, published August 25, 2003.
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Cover: good

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Morgan Rowlands was the most powerful young blood witch for generations. Now, 20 years later, her daughter, 15-year-old Moira, knows there's more to her mother's past than she's been told. As she begins to put the puzzle together, she realizes that there are secrets that could destroy her world.

The book starts so good, with Morgan and Hunter finally deciding to start living together, the get handfasted. But then Hunter disappears when the ferry sinks, is he really dead? Morgan collapses, as even her powerful magic can't find him anywhere on the earth.
And so, mired in grief, they take her home to Cobb, where she will have to build a new life for herself.
She married a gentle man who loved her, and they had a daughter, the headstrong and powerful Moira. Moira is just getting into her power, and she never knew much about her mother's past although everyone is also in awe over her mother's power and her healing abilities. But now, reading her parents' old Books of Shadows, and meeting a stranger who claims to be her uncle, her world is turned upside down! Her parents aren't who she thinks they are, and when she finds out about her real grandfather, she really freaks out. Meanwhile, Morgan is not too happy about history repeating itself, when the son of a witch she knows is bad news, attaches himself to Moira. She can't help making the connection with Cal. But Moira doesn't want to believe her, he is different!

Still, when all the secrets are exposed, and Morgan's enemies make their final move, mother and daughter will have to stand together, and fight for their lives and their village against another Dark Wave …

A great ending to the series, and one that still amazes me. I admire Morgan hugely, for surviving so many bad times, and fighting all the evil she encounters. And now, does she really have a final chance at happiness? As it is the last book in the series, it has to be …

10 stars.

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  1. Look at that, the covers keep om improving

    1. Lol the ones you like, are the ones on my Dutch books as well, and the original ones. The reprints are so very ugly. And don't worry, this is the last one.