donderdag 20 mei 2010

Donna Fletcher - Irish Hope

This is the second book in the Irish Eyes series written by Donna Fletcher.

Irish Hope

Hope is a privileged decendent of the high king, but she's impetuous and adventurous to a fault. Rather than settle for an arranged marriage, she strikes out on her own, disguised as a young boy, desperate to experience life and love-no matter the risk...It falls to Colin of Shanekill to find Hope. He can best any man in battle and charm any woman in bed-but he has never known true love. During his search he takes a young boy under his protection, never realizing that the woman for whom he searches walks beside him. As they travel, Hope comes to love Colin as no woman has. Desire tests her resolve and her deception becomes more difficult to maintain. Now, as she approaches her destination, she faces a choice: reveal her true self to Colin, or deny her passion-and risk losing her only chance at love...

I don't have much time to make a good review of this book, which I loved. Donna Fletcher makes her characters really come to life, with their good points and their faults.

I am late for bed now, and should be doing a lot of things as I am leaving for a few days tomorrow after work. Will be a while before I can finish the reviews I will place when I am back, cause I have to leave the next day again. I'm taking some cosy's with me, a historical romance and one paranormal romance (or two)...

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