maandag 10 mei 2010

Joanne Pence - Cooking up Trouble

This is the third book in the Angie Amalfi cozy mystery series. Not my usual thing, not to start with the first book in a series, but it didn't really matter what happened before. I like my cover better than this picture though.

Cooking up Trouble

Chef Angie Amalfi can't wait to take off from the city for a week to help devise a delicious vegetarian menu for a lovely new B&B in scenic northern California. The not-yet-open-for-business Hill Haven Inn will be the perfect place to take her budding romance with her homicide detective boyfriend Paavo to the next level! But the situation awaiting them turns out to be less than ideal - with battling investors, rumors of ghosts, cold drafts, a leaky rood ... and an owner whose idea of haute cuisine might be acceptable for farm animals. And when a furious rainstorm traps everyone inside, it becomes painfully apparent that there's a murderer among them ... and that the only recipe being concocted in the Hill Haven kitchen is one for disaster. But Angie's determined to solve the case and salvage her romantic getaway ... or die trying!

It took me a while to get in the spirit of this book. Cozy mysteries are usually a bit fluffier. This one was dark and dreary, with the ghosts and the neverstopping rain and just plain odd people. Not much cooking or romance between Angie and Paavo either. I will read the next book I have, but I am not sure at this point if I will buy the rest of the series I am missing. And that for a glommer like myself!

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