vrijdag 28 mei 2010

Suzanne Enoch - The care and taming of a rogue

I just finished the first book in the Adventurers' Club series, and I have read the next one before (not my usual reading order), but I forgot to buy this one.

The care and taming of a rogue

How to tell if a man is an unrepentant rogue:
1. He has no patience for frivolous debutantes
2. He kisses you after a single dance
3. He makes you forget yourself and kiss him back . . .

After years away from London, Captain Bennett Wolfe is back - and alive, much to Society's surprise. Having been presumed dead, this rugged adventurer is now much sought after by every marriage-minded young woman . . . but Bennett only has eyes for the intriguing Lady Phillipa Eddison.

Phillipa would rather read than flirt, but she does know a thing or two about proper courtship rituals. A gentleman does not kiss a lady senseless, and he certainly does not bring his pet monkey when he comes calling. Lady Phillipa's never been so scandalized . . . or tempted. She simply must teach Bennett some manners - before she succumbs to temptation as wild as the man who offers it.

After a three year stay in the Congo, Bennett Wolfe comes back to London with his vervet monkey, only to discover he is presumed death, and the man who left him for death and stole his diaries, has blackened his name by writing his book for him, with himself as the leader of the expedition.
But Lady Philippa doesn’t believe this new book. She loved Bennett’s first two books and sees too much similarities. So when Bennett tells her he wants her, after just meeting her, she decides to teach him some lesson’s in manners and courtship, and help him mend his reputation. His monkey, Kero, also takes a liking to Philippa, and has a great part in this book, Her sister Olivia tries to save her and her reputation, but that is too late. She has already fallen for Bennett. Having never been courted before, as all the man fall for her beautiful sister, she likes the fact that a man she has always admired through his books, now is after her. And as she loves to set things to rights, she can’t stand aside when Bennett goes after the man who has ruined his changes to ever lead an expedition again.
Also the Duke of Sommerset plays a part in this. He is important in the African Society, and responsible for choosing Bennett to lead the expedtion. But even he can’t help him to restore his reputation. The Adventurer’s Club is introduced, and Bennett is made a member of it.

And after this book, I am very curious to the Duke’s story, but I suppose that will be the last book in this great series.

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