zaterdag 8 mei 2010

Maggie Sefton - A deadly yarn

I just finished the third book in The Knitting Mystery series, and I loved it. I will continue with the fourth one, and order all the other books so I can continue reading soon.

A deadly yarn

Kelly Flinn's finally feeling at home in Fort Connor, Colorado - especially when she's with her knitting buddies at House of Lambspun. But her friend Allison is ready to leave town - until someone cancels her trip, permanently.

Kelly and Megan could not be happier for their friend Allison Dubois - a young, talented, up-and-coming artist. Invited by a designer to join her New York studio, Allison is about to embark on a new life. But when Kelly en Megan arrive at Allison's apartment to drive her to the airport, they find her dead on the floor, apparently from an overdose of sleeping pills. The police suspect suicide, but Kelly and Megan aren't convinced.

Soon Kelly discovers that while Allison's career was on the fast-track, her social life was a mess. A bad news boyfriend, a jealous design sturend, and a mysterious man named Brian are all prime suspects in Kelly's book. Now it's up to Kelly and her crafty friends from the House of Lambspun to unravel this tightly stitched puzzle ...

I love reading cozy mysteries. Not only for the suspense part, but for a great deal the fact that you keep up to date with the main characters. What happens with them in their social life, with their friends. Kelly is a CPA for a large company in a big town, telecommuting at the moment. But she really wants to stay in Colorado, where she has inherited several properties. She really neads the income from her salary, but the workload is getting to big for her. Can she get enough consulting work to quit het big-career job?
She also loves to knit, is a fiber-hugger (which really sounds like fun, and almost makes me want to relearn how to knit), and plays softball in the evenings and weekends.

I like Kelly, and completely understand why she is not eager to start a relationship with Steve, although he is a really nice guy and honestly interested in her (and her big Rottweiler named Carl). So there is a little romantic angle in this series as well.

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